sorapaw's sona (please note that she is more of a non-wof-ish sona)

-- ocean ma'am --

When the Lords collapsed, the Deities fell, the Mortal Dragonkin rose; the waves, the earth, the sky, and the home fell upon one another-- for only one purpose. To create the daughter of the Kin, the Mortal, the child of the great Whale and ocean Himself. They gave the child a haven, the voice of an angel, but the mind of a devil. They gifted her with the Earth, the Ocean, and most of all, Ethereal. But the child did not follow the rules of the recollected Deities, and rather became the fallen Mortal.


Nell headshot by ovisoh-dcj0upl.png
artist zzzsleepycreeper/ovish
code credit epheme
Background Info
creator sorapaw
attribute thrift stores
attribute fool's gold
theme animal jackal
color gold
theme songs you should see me in a crown (billie eilish), from finner (of monsters and men), fool (cavetown)
MBTI personality ESTJ
Character Information
age 14
gender female
orientation homo
occupation maid, future leader of finnerbreak
tribe mudwings, sandwings, more, she's a mutt
goal to be able to handle the stress of becoming the leader
residence finnerbreak
relatives mother, father
allies a few in finnerbreak
enemies a few in finnerbreak
likes vintage things, sleep, nature, oversized clothing, vintage clothing, the ocean, dark aesthetics, memes, food, shrugging, smiling, rolling her eyes
dislikes stress, responsibility, certain finners
abilities can talk to finnerbreak
weapons a baseball bat that is dyed pale blue
ships nell x sunna
quote "Why do you always come here- thinking that I'm...higher, than you, or whatever fake crap you're thinking of."


"bite my tongue bide my time, wearing a warning sign <3."

A small, wingless dragoness with ridged scales and small limbs. She is quite short compared to her counterparts, seeming weak both physically and mentally compared to them. She is considered soft and wouldn't at all be alike the normal dragon.

Her scales are oak-brown, and are very ridged, part of her slight MudWing heritage. She does not have many out-of-color scales, most of them are exactly the same color. The oak-brown is more on the reddish side, but could still pass for a chocolate milk color.

Her underbelly, claws, and ridge are all a pale, creamy, dusty yellow color. They are all textured quite smoothly, rather than being sharp or ridged. Her talons are pudgy and look slightly more like cow hooves than dragon claws, however they can function just as any other dragon's can. She also has several off-scales around her eyes that are this same color.

She has a SwiftWing/SandWing-resembling mane on her head and on the end of her tail. They are mint-chocolate-chip colored, platinum and mint green colors, swirling to create unique patterns. Nell treasures these and would hate herself or anyone if someone were to cut them.

Her eyes are a brilliant red-pink, with dusty magenta pupils that constantly shine with life and dreams. She has long eyelashes that are pale blue. She wears golden-framed glasses with strawberry lenses constantly over her eyes.

For apparel, she wears a pale yellow shirt with two badges stitched onto it. One of them is a slightly tinted pride flag that Nell treasures quite dearly, and the other one is a lime green cactus with a pale pink background. She also wears dusty, blue shorts.


"wait til' the world is mine-- visions i vandalize, cold in my kingdom size"

  • reserved and kinda quiet
  • really wants to get to know others
  • wants to make herself known but doesn't know how
  • scared of being social
  • wants to be social
  • wants to be "aesthetic" but doesn't have the looks to
  • loves flowers
  • hates being up high
  • loves meadows 
  • loves asian food
  • yawns a lot
  • sometimes she can be a little silly
  • loves plants
  • is pretty smart but not really
  • hates the idea of being a "queen"
  • lashes out often
  • lazy
  • hates whenever anyone thinks of her highly

"fell for these ocean eyes: you should see me in a crown"

Nell was hatched in Finnerbreak, a town on the back of a giant whale, with two brothers and a sister. She was raised as all of the other Wingless dragonets were, among the flowers, the plants, and the farmers. She had an easy childhood, learning to play music and create art. She was quite talented, but not nearly as much as some of the other dragonets. She was never really bullied, but struggled to keep up physically with the others, outcasting her in a way.

Nell, from a very young age, had been close friends with a Winged dragoned named Sunna. In any spare time that Nell had, she would always be with Sunna. They fell in love at a very young age and didn't know how to handle it at all. They both knew it, but nothing was ever said. The other dragonets began to suspect something was going on between them and they were constantly bugged about it.

The tension between Sunna, Nell, and the other dragonets died whenever they recieved word in school that the Lady Mirror, the ruler of Finnerbreak, was going to select a new Lady or Guard. And so the Trials of Speech began. Any dragonet that was able to speak to Finnerbreak would be chosen to be the new Lady or Guard whenever Lady Mirror stepped down, died, or Finnerbreak requested a new one to be chosen.

Nell, at first, didn't know what she was doing while trying to communicate with the whale. She was pushed away as "one who cannot speak". Sunna, however, seemed to be growing closer and closer to the whale, and Nell was happy for her. Nell, after all, did not want to rule Finnerbreak.

So the day came, the final day, when all the dragonets would be tested in front of Lady Mirror to see if they could communicate with Finnerbreak. Sunna was the first to enter, and she came out crying. Lady Mirror shook her head, and the most promising student had been unable to even reach a connection with Finnerbreak.

A few others went before it was Nell's turn. She entered the cold cavern, where Finnerbreak's ear hole was. She saw Lady Mirror, the dark purple ruler, wearing her ruby red cape and dark green dress. She watched Nell and nodded to her to try. And so Nell did, and she got a response. She had never felt anything like this before- she was communicating with the whale himself. The deity. The home.

And so Nell, a Townsmen Maid, was selected to be the future ruler of Finnerbreak. She didn't want this, no, not at all. She didn't want to become the ruler. Fortunatly, she still has time before she has to take on the job. 

Nell watched Sunna and her new lover, Tallkin, board a boat that they created from bones, and sail away, exiled. They could never return, and it broke Nell's heart knowing that it was her fault that Sunna had left. For the next while, Nell had lived quietly, surronded by dragons to constantly keep her safe or serve her. And Nell hated it.

But she knows that she's doing this for her people. She was the only one who could talk with Finnerbreak, so this was the life that she had to have. She looked to the future with excitement and fear, but she knows that it'll be alright in the end.



please only ask to be in relationships if we have talked before. i have every right to decline.


Zeri: Nell thinks that Zeri is amazing and a great friend. She thinks that the hybrid is beautiful and really fun to hang around. Nell loves how sassy Zeri is and enjoys talking to her at any chance that the two get. Nell considers Zeri a closer friend, and knows that Zeri will always be there for her, and her for Zeri. 




StormbreakNell thinks that Stormbreak is great. She loves their slightly off-putting personality and cold sense of humor. Nell always enjoys talking with the dark dragon and thinks that they're an exceptional artist. She's impressed by their art and writing, seeing as when they first started talking they had art half as good as now. She would love to talk with Storm more often, and always aims to be friendly and sarcastic with them.

Blood Moon

Finnerbreak Characters:

Sunna: It's complicated. She wants to forgive Sunna, but she knows that it is her fault, so she needs to forgive herself first. Nell believes that she will never see her former lover again, and wants to hate her, but Nell cannot force herself to do so.

Bri: nnyes wip

Lady Mirror: Nell is okay around her, but they don't talk much. Nell knows that eventually Mirror will die, and Nell will be forced to become the next Lady. It's only a matter of time before Lady Mirror begins to train Nell to become the Lady, and she despises the thought every time it rolls into her mind

SocketShe thinks that Socket is pretty cool, and likes him a lot. She thinks that he's really funny, and loves his food, but wishes that he would stop treating her like royalty constantly. Nell wishes that he would go back to the way he was before, constantly joking around with her.

Jay - wip

Alabaster - wip

Flora - wip

Gruff - wip


Fantasy: Nell thinks of Fantasy as a friend and often talks with her about nerdy stuff and their likes and dislikes. She thinks Fantasy is a really pretty dragon, having both a great personality and cheerful looks. She can agree with her dislike of spiders (ick) but doesn't understand her HP stuff (ick again). In general, she'd really like to talk with Fantasy more regularly and become better friends with her.

Dreaming: Nell thinks that Dreaming is pretty cool. She can agree that cats are much better than dogs, and that sour stuff is amazing. She thinks that Dreaming has really, really pretty art and loves writing as well. She thinks that Dreaming has a great personality and has very pretty scales. She thinks it's cool how Dreaming is also kind of a mutt-hybrid, like Nell is. She thinks of Dreaming as a good friend and would enjoy talking with her more regularly.

Mischief: Nell doesn't really know Mischief at all. She can see that this dragoness has a lot of weapons, and that's kind of intimidating. She thinks that the dragoness is pretty, but isn't sure on her personality yet and tries to stay away from her most of the time. Nell does think that Mischief's green eyes are really neat, though.


"you should see me in a crown, your silence is my favorite sound."

  • extremely short (5'0 as human)
  • has been doing digital art for 2 years
  • loves all food but mostly asian food
  • favorite drink is any tea (loves bubble tea)
  • doesn't want to become the next Lady (see Finnerbreak)
  • could pass for a lipstick lesbian but prefers the normal pride flag 
  • has dated 2 girls
  • favorite musical artists are Of Monsters and Men, Billie Eilish, Cavetown, and Abbey Glover
  • not a furry
  • can be in Modern Pyrrhia as well as Normal
  • favorite color is pastel blue
  • doesn't want wings
  • loves peanut butter
  • plays percussion but sucks really bad
  • wants to learn ukulele, has a little knowledge on how to play, but has forgotten most of it
  • hardcore shipper
  • probably the least likely ruler of Finnerbreak, but she thinks he's cool and they like to talk about random stuff rather than weird prophetic things
  • ...still watches vines when she feels sad
  • really good at saving money and thinks things over a lot before buying them
  • loves fairy lights
  • eyelashes are not fake
  • wants to live quietly with a bunch of cats, a girlfriend, food, and a drawing pad
  • can actually be very threatening and cold to others
  • really really really hates when anyone thinks of her like a royal or treats her different

"watch me make em bow, one by, one by, one"

From finner