An IceWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Nayru is a character from Wings of Ice. She is an IceWing. (created by KIRBEH!!!)

Nayru is (or was) a guard for Queen Glacier. She broke an egg, and almost got caught, when she met Moonshine and escaped with her. Apparently Moonshine had a lot scheduled, like she had to meet many of my characters. Nayru tagged along, hoping to explore beyond.

She is a normal IceWing, blue eyes, and silver wings. But she is half iceborn (a little too much ice) but can do a super attack with an ultra freezing-death-breath and her wings turn all giant and powerful and look all icy and stuff (will draw a picture because that is a terrible description). She can do that move once every month, so she can recharge to use it. (and not make her Mary-Sueish)

(Now get it? Wings of Ice?)  

After Nayru discovered her power, her scales turned blue-gray, her eyes turned navy-blue, and her sky-blue wings turned into dark turquoise. This might be some sort of affect of her power. >:)

Nayru 1

Nayru at first

Nayru 2

Nayru after discovering her power.