Natsu Dragneel, one of my favorite characters ever. 8D


Natsu he carefree and reckless and always ready for a brawl.He is fiercely loyal and protective to his friends and famliy.He is straight foward,often approaching things "hands on."Natsu even when disrespected or faced with hostility he rarely reciprocates the feelings.He treats enemies fairly and even shows compassion to them.



Natsu's scarf

Natsu's primary scales are dark red,while his secondary scales are a beige color.He has very faint gold markings,which are more of a dull yellow then gold.He is always sho wearing a white scarf with stripes.He somtimes wears a blue jacket with a gold trim,though only in formal occasions or when it's cold.His claws are slightly dull and short,though is teeth are razor sharp.


He is partly fireborn,so he is able to control his fire.The heat of his fire can increase as he grows enraged.He can spout fire from any part of his body greatly increasing the damege of his attacks.He can also eat flames,increasing his strengh.He s not immune to fire,as he doesn't absorb the fire directed him it can still burn and hurt him.He can also use fire to propel himself to great speeds while flying.His fire is extremely powerful,shown to easiy blow away other dragon's fire.A noable weakness is that he can suffer from motion sickness,and he basicly lives on fire.He must eat the black rocks[coal] and/or fire.He can also not consume his own fire and if he eats something that's not fire he can be overcome with extreme sickness.Though he must eat and drink,eating normal food can make him slightly weak and drinkng water greatly devreases the strengh of his fire.


He is based on Natsu Dragneel,from Fairy Tail.


A typical SkyWing. Art by Joy Ang

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