A typical IceWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Nanuk is an OC made by Hrrdragons99 and Katluvr88, If you want to use her, ask her first please.

She will feature in an upcoming book series by Hrrdragons99 and Katluvr88.


Nanuk is kind and filled with curiosity. She hasn't been outside of the Ice Kingdom, apart from a spy mission on the SeaWings. Because of this, she is interested in anything new. She loves younger dragonets and often tend to the ones at the palace.


Nanuk has pale blue scales, much like Anemone's, but with under scales of white. On her wings, she has a snowflake pattern, with a frost pattern branching out of it. Very few IceWings look like this. Her eyes are a shade of dark blue with white flecks, like falling snow. She has no known abilities or flaws.


At her hatching, her brothers and sisters died at the claws of Burn, but her parents fled with her egg. When she was young, her parents gone missing, but have never been found. She lived with the IceWing queen, who took pity on her, ever since. At the palace, she is a maid and does some cooking. She has no mates and no eggs currently. 

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