Nanook is a 6 year-old IceWing.  


Nanook loves adventure, doing anything to go on one. He is actually very shy, but once you get to know him Nanook will be very outgoing. At first glance, he may seem dumb, but Nanook is actually very smart, and he can think quickly in stressful situations. Although he tries his best to avoid those.

Nanook is scared of adult NightWings. He loves to be alone and read a scroll when bored and too tired to venture outside. Nanook is a very caring, and would do anything to protect his friends and family. Although he would only fight as a last resort.


Nanook's egg was left at the Mud kingdom, as his egg was said to be infertile. Scarlet's best soldier saw the egg and brought it to her castle, waiting for the next day to bring him into a prison cell. However, a MudWing mother (The mother of Rufous.) stole the egg from the prison while Scarlet was asleep. The MudWing mother was very caring and kind. When he was brought home, another egg waited there, which was Rufous's egg. Rufous hatched a day early, and wanted to help her "brother", acting like a bigwing, she tried to crack his egg open. Her mother stopped her before she could break the gg open early and kill Nanook inside. Nanook hatched a day after. Rufous's mother was worried that Rufous  may kill the odd looking dragon, but they got along perfectly. Although Rufous would run out of energy quickly, leaving Nanook to play with something else. After Scarlet found out about the stolen dragonet, she was enraged. Scarlet told Moorhen, who put on a search for the family, but they moved quickly after the word had spread. Their mother didn't know where to go, but she found a mountain soon after, also known as Claws of the Clouds mountains.

Nanook and Rufous both hid their with their mother until Moorhen and Scarlet gave up on the search. But just to be safe, they moved into the deepest and murkiest part of the mud kingdom, where no MudWing ever went. They lived their for most of their young life. But at the age of 4, they were both ready to leave. So their mother let them leave (after attending school)."


Nanook has white scales that shine like fresh snow in the sun. His talons are a light shade of gray, almost white. His eyes are baby blue. Nanook's underscales are a light blue with light gray streaks going through them. He has a very long and thin tail.

His icicle horns are long and narrow.