Belongs to Maple.


Small nearly white IceWing with flowing silver wings. She has deep grey-blue eyes, almost black. She is long and slender with a graceful neck. Often wears a sly grin.

Mystic may appear innocent and friendly, which works to her advantage because she really is neither of those things.


Mystic is a clever young IceWing who doesn't usually talk, unless she knows you, which is rare, since she floats around the fringes of society and hardly cares about friends. She is safely in the fifth circle, but more likely belongs in the seventh circle.

She can be kind when she chooses to (very rare), but mostly evil. Teasing dragons is her specialty. Her deviousness is paired with a very quick mind so she has a comeback to very nearly everything a dragon can throw at her. Mystic is a cruel as she is cunning, and harshly cynical at most.

She likes attention, as long as it is only from a couple of dragons at a time, which is usually when she has them trapped somewhere for whatever reason. Her speech tends to be poetic and confusing; full of nonsensical jargon. Mystic specialized in making strange noises, such as animal calls or other sound effects. Often used to lure dragons where she wants them.

The mischievous IceWing is a trickster and a liar. Sometimes, Mystic leads unsuspecting dragons into traps, where she then robs them blind. The IceWing is usually wearing any number of silver earrings, necklaces, bracelets, you name it. Other hobbies include laughing at dragons who actually try in life.

She dislikes strong wind, and hot places even more. Mystic loves to fly. She'd never come down if she didn't have to make a living off of thievery. Beyond all of that, the IceWings is fascinated by ants and small things.


Mystic thinks she can talk to ants, and in turn thinks she can understand them. She is their protector, although sometimes she likes to freeze the ants for no apparent reason. But since growing older, she decided to leave her parents and explore the world, and she can now do so in freedom since the end of the war. If ever you see a lone IceWing wandering Pyrrhia, or talking to dirt, don't worry. She is only half insane.