MudWing Sigil

Description: Thick, armored brown scales, sometimes with amber or gold underscales; large, flat heads with nostrils on top of snout, similar patterns to other dragon tribes

Abilities: Can breathe fire (if warm enough); hold their breath for up to an hour; blend into mud puddles; usually very strong; if hatched from a blood-red egg, they are resistant to fire

Location: near Diamond River and Diamond Spray Delta; by ocean; swampy kingdom

Queen (Canon Timeline): Queen Moorhen

Alliances: Princess Burn, SkyWings, Seawings (alliance broke due to the death of Commander Tempest)

Rivals/Enemies- N/A

Significant Members



Male Royalty:

Important Canon:

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Mud, Dirt, Bug, Frog, Stone, Stomp, Squish, Puddle, Murky, Pond, Swamp, Insect, Wing, Ground, Forest, Brown, Pebble, Honey, Amber, Slimy, Wet, Scum, Tail, Claw, Dragonfly, Mayfly, Muck, Bayou, Pebble, Alligator, Gator, Bog

Mountain MudWings


The MudWings have the same thick build and wings, with the same underscale colors.


These MudWings have adopted grayish scales and long claws for digging through the rocks of their mountain homes. they have a thicker spine and are developing a spike at the end of their tail. Their eyes can see in the dark because of the shadowy caves.


This was a group of MudWings that ran away about one hundred years ago. This longer time span has allowed them to adapt more than the northern SeaWings, who have existed for twenty years. These MudWings ran away to the claws of the clouds mountain range because their was a cruel queen that had just been crowned. Queen Burrow. It was a group of fifteen dragons.

At first they had a hard time living in the old mountains, without mud and prey at their clawtips. They could only find shallow caves and they often had damaged talons because of the rough terrain. They had separated themselves from the cruel MudWing queen, and now this was their life. It was like this until new dragon eggs were laid in stone nests in complete darkness. When they hatched, they were a little different than the MudWings. They had grey scales and could apparently see better in the dark. One hundred years later, they were all perfect for caves.


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