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Description: Thick, armored brown scales, sometimes with amber or gold underscales; large, flat heads with nostrils on top of snout

Abilities: Can breathe fire (if warm enough); hold their breath for up to an hour; blend into mud puddles; usually very strong; if hatched from a blood-red egg, they are resistant to fire

Location: near Diamond River and Diamond Spray Delta; by ocean; swampy kingdom

Queen (Canon): Queen Moorhen

Diet: Livestock

Alliances: Princess Burn, SkyWings

Significant Members



Male Royalty:

Important Canon:

Mountain MudWings


The MudWings have the same thick build and wings, with the same underscale colors.


These MudWings have adopted grayish scales and long claws for digging through the rocks of their mountain homes. they have a thicker spine and are developing a spike at the end of their tail. Their eyes can see in the dark because of the shadowy caves.


This was a group of MudWings that ran away about one hundred years ago. This longer time span has allowed them to adapt more than the northern SeaWings, who have existed for twenty years. These MudWings ran away to the claws of the clouds mountain range because there was a cruel queen that had just been crowned. Queen Burrow. It was a group of fifteen dragons.

At first, they had a hard time living in the old mountains, without mud and prey at their clawtips. They could only find shallow caves and they often had damaged talons because of the rough terrain. They had separated themselves from the cruel MudWing queen, and now this was their life. It was like this until new dragon eggs were laid in stone nests in complete darkness. When they hatched, they were a little different than the MudWings. They had grey scales and could apparently see better in the dark. One hundred years later, they were all perfect for caves.

Brine MudWings


Brine MudWings are a blueish brown color with even a few greenish brown ones. Their body shape is sleeker than normal MudWings and they have webbed talons. They have small gills that provide less oxygen than the MudWings take so they only provide air underwater for 3 hours before they have to surface. Brine MudWings have small webbing on their tails which they can fold and extend to swim underwater or to fly. Their eggs are usually blue-brown colored, there is a rare type of Brine MudWing which when hatched from a all blue egg has large gills and can breathe underwater forever, however this comes with a weakness, like normal fish they don't have lungs so they suffocate out of the water so they are confined underwater.


Brine MudWings can't breathe fire but have adapted to the water and grown webbing and small gills. They can stay underwater about 3 hours from the air from their small gills and their lungs, their gills don't produce enough air for their bodies so after 3 hours they must surface to breathe. They don't have the powerful SeaWing tails but have some MudWings strength, however it is less effective underwater since they are bulky.


Brine MudWings live in the salty parts of the swamps usually in mangrove groves, these mangrove groves also have natural channels out to sea which they use to go out and hunt. Usually their towns are built in these groves with their houses under the roots of the mangrove and sometimes corals as decoration.


Brine MudWings go out to sea to hunt and bring back several sharks or a whale to eat. However there are still a few which prefer hunting on land and bring back wild boar or alligators. Usually the scraps go in a pile and by the next morning if the small fish seeking refuge until they mature don't eat it all they toss it out to sea.


Brine MudWings are a peaceful tribe which care for nature and animals, they over the years adapted their architecture and instead of using mud they used discarded mangrove branches and roots, they hollow out space under the roots having to destroy a few branches but the mangrove adapts and if the MudWings leave there are large nurserys for the larval animals.


Brine MudWings are a small group of MudWings that lived on the coast of the swamps, they liked watching the waves and trying to spot a occasional SeaWing. This was before the war when they were at peace, a few years later a massive tidal wave destroyed that part of the swamps, gouged paths to the ocean and left salty pockets of water. The MudWings couldn't retreat farther inland so they stayed where they were and started to adapt to ocean prey. Over the next hundred years they had become Brine MudWings and were allied with the SeaWings.


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