MudWing Mayhem is a Fanfiction by Prince-Rex-the-Flamewing

Chapter 1:Snakes or Lies

Bull crouched to a low position and then pounced on the bird. He ate it immediately.

Snowflake walked in the squishy mud, she wasn't used to this, she was used to the ice and snow under her feet. But she wanted to come here to study about MudWings.

Beef looked around warily, spotting an ice-white dragon approaching.

He wandered over, and paused, blinking in confusion. "Hi, I'm Beef... err, what are you?"

"Oh, I am an IceWing, she said. "Beef is your name? Why, hello Beef! My name is Snowflake, but you can call me Iceclaw."

"Pleased to meet you, Iceclaw,"  He said merrily, offering a talon.

"Pleased to meet you too, Beef", she said, shaking Beefs hand.

"So, what're you doing here? I thought IceWings were fighting the MudWings in the Great War." Beef cocked his head slightly, still a little confused.

"Oh, i'm just here for studies, not fighting, just passive." Snowflake said calmly.

Snowflake looked over at Bull smiling, then looked at Beef. "Not trying to be rude, but why do you name yourself after food?".

"How can that not be rude?"asked Bull.

"Ehhh..." she shifted her feet around. "Never mind."

"Why did you ask?" Bull demanded.

"Just asking," she tried to keep them both from arguing. "Lets just forget I said that".

"Okay," grumbled Bull.

Snowflake wondered if they had gotten off on the wrong claw.

Wait," said Bull realizing the truth. "How could I be so stupid? The only thing you want is information from the MudWings and you are not getting it!"

He leaped onto Snowflake as guards came pouring towards the intruder.

Snowflake was surprised, "I'm not trying to get info on you MudWings, i'm trying to get info on the snakes that live here!" She screamed, she didn't want to hurt any of the MudWings, that would just make it worse.

"Snakes? You idiot! Who wants to learn about snakes??" Bull shouted as the MudWing soldiers dragged her away. Snowflake looked at him sharply.

"I do, I'm very interested in them, you idiot"! Snowflake struggled to get free. "Help!"

"Whatever," Bull walked away towards the place and disappeared down it's entrance.

A MudWing guard named Lotus tried to wraps chains aroud Snowflake's mouth.

"Hmpf," She tried to say, but with the chain wrapped around her jaw it was hard to talk, and now she couldn't even defend herself.

Lotus wrapped her in chains and dragged her towards the prison.

Chapter 2:Scrawny SeaWings