Mountain Fury, also known as Fury, is a female SkyWing and one of Lightningstrike from RapidClan's OCs.


Abandoned at hatching, Fury was placed in a cave at the peak of a mountain. A SkyWing patrol found her and adopted her in. Once they found out she was a fireborn, Queen Scarlet immediately took her to train as a replacement Champion with Peril. Mountain Fury was very lonely when she was a young dragonet. She had no control over her power, and often caused bad things to happen. One day she left the SkyWings to find a place to call her home. She thought of going to the FlameWings, but a patrol of SkyWings found her and brought her back. From then on she wished she could find someone to be her friend who was like her. She is particularily interested with FlameWings and NightWings. Every day she was to train with Peril and watch arena matches.

One day, she met a FlameWing Aiden and a SkyWing/IceWing hybrid Frost Fire. After bringing them to the SkyWing Palace, they were taken hostage and put in arena matches. Fury was infuriated by this and fought Ruby and a MudWing Adamant to help save her friends and escape.

After they left, they found a nice den area to settle down. they planned to go to the rainforest to seek refuge from the SkyWings. They celebrated Fury's Hatching day, but Frost Fire collapsed mysteriously. It turns out he was part animus. They met Frost Fires friend Ardens Stella and consulted the Oracle for guidance, then went to the rainforest. There they met ShadowEye.

Later on the group found Flint, Frost fires long-lost brother. Silver came over, leading IceWing Chill to attack. The fact that Silver was running away from a villain and how she didn't want to hurt anyone triggered thoughts on Aiden. 

Fury tried to see the FlameWings territory to give Aiden one last gift for his friendship. There she learned he hadn't actually gone there and returned to the group. Then they left to rescue Aiden.

The group split up at the Sky Palace, ShadowEye and Flint left to stall Ruby while the others took a trail through the booby-trapped sewer tunnels. They accidentally opened a door for a SeaWing combatant, who was extremely nervous and desperate. This triggered even more thoughts, which Fury pushed away. Then they successfully helped Aiden escape and left for a safer place to live.

The group headed for the SandWing desert, where they are far away from enemies and close to allies. They encountered SandWings named Burch, Vex and Stroma, who imprisoned Aiden and Fury, along with ShadowEyes father. They escaped and found Ventus, a friend of ShadowEye's. When they finally escaped, the group returned to the SkyWings to find out more about Fury's long-lost family. There, Aiden opened up to her and now they are in a relationship.


Mountain Fury is a fiery red SkyWing with tan underscales, blue-flame eyes and golden markings. She is a fast flyer and strong fighter, often practicing her moves on trees. She can crack down trees too if she dives from the sky.


Mountain Fury has a fiery personality. She is very stubborn and not afraid to speak up. Often times she will only go her way, though she is capable of cooperating. She will always follow her gut, even disobeying if she has faith in her opinion. She also has a strong sense of justice and is always ready for a fight. She can also have a bad temper and is gullible. Fury is also fiercely loyal and will beat up anyone who hurts who she stands for. But on the inside, she really just needs someone who understands. She is usually the first one to point out her idea, and is often logical. Sometimes she's sarcastic, and she has grown to be a lot more friendly after meeting Aiden and Frost Fire. But often she acts cold and suspicious of anyone else, especially dragons who could be potential threats to her friends. Though she might not know a lot about the world, Fury is very smart with common sense and what she knows.

Theme Song Explainations

Paradise- Coldplay: Ever since she was little, Fury has been looking for "paradise". She wishes her life could be better and every day the world seems to be getting heavier. Later, she finally finds a new kind of paradise, friendship.

Eyes on Fire- Blue Foundation: In this song, it expresses how Mountain Fury keeps standing even though Ruby and Scarlet pressure her. She isn't afraid of Ruby and Scarlet, and isn't afraid to show it.

Rolling Girl- Vocaloid: This song matches up with both above songs. Fury is depressed and sad, but she still keeps "rolling", which means living on. 

Bleeding Out- Imagine Dragons: Rather than just about Furys past life and dreams, this song expresses her loyalty to her friends. Plus, I thought the artist pun was funny...


Mountain Fury has a lot of fire, but unlike Peril, she can control it. She can turn off her flame at times, making her able to go into water. She can also heat up part of her body for more efficiency. Her fire can be heated hotter than Perils even, but then she's more vulnerable to water. Her powers can easily get out of hand when she's excited or angry. She can also burn others when in contact for a long time. Fury is stronger than most SkyWings and is a very good fighter.


Aiden- Aiden was the first dragon Mountain Fury met in roleplay. Though he was afraid of her at first, she had always wanted to meet a FlameWing and instead welcomed him as a friend. She believes that they both are very similar, and she feels secure with him. As the very first friend she made, she made a mental vow to stay loyal. She is also becoming more than friends with him, even though she doesn't admit it. They are now boyfriend and girlfriend.

Frost fire- As the second friend she met, Fury was wary of Frost fire when she first saw him because he looked mostly like an IceWing. After learning he was part SkyWing and also someone who doesn't really fit in with others, she befriended him. She isn't as familiar with him, but she knows she can count on him and will be loyal to him also. She has given him the nickname Frosty.

Queen Ruby- Because she was the one who imprisoned and forced her to train, Mountain Fury dislikes her.

Ardens Stella- because of her loyalty to her two friends, Fury was initially suspicious and thought he was a ninjare. but now since he has been proven more friend than foe, she has also welcomed him to her circle of friends.

ShadowEye- ShadowEye was the 'unexpected ally' that Oracle talked about. Fury helped kill the imposter of ShadowEye and expected his coming, so she welcomed him easier than Ardens.

HugeClaws- Fury has an iffy relationship with HugeClaws. She doesn't know that he likes her, but is a bit confused with him. Although she longed for a friend, she failed to understand Hugeclaws wanted to be one.

Ventus- As a trusted friend of ShadowEye, Fury accepted Ventus. But she is also very curious about him and is somewhat confused. As a scavenger, she is interested in his kind and wants to learn more.


  • Mountain Fury was originally named Fury
  • The reason why Mountain Fury has blue eyes and golden markings is that she was going to be one of the dragonets who had too much fire, but she was hatched before she could suck out more fire from her twin.
  • Mountain Fury's name is based off of the soda Mountain Dew.
  • Fury has dyslexia.