Both fanfictions are by Stargazer. NO EDITING, PERIOD!

Author's Note

I don't know about you, but I haven't seen too many love stories on here. I decided to make this since of the most original SandWing antagonist, Crust, had fallen in love with Lanturn, the SeaWing's most prized possession.

As the title says, Mountain Claws is about HugeClaws and Mountain Fury. HugeClaws has immense claws. But because of that, it's harder to battle. Well, read the summary to find out what else these "lovey-dovey" books are about.

Summary: Mountain Claws

Coming soon as story moves on.


"Arrow! Duck!" 

"Duck? HugeClaws, are you hallucinating? There is no-- AHH!"

"I told you! GeodeWing and ThornWing raid!"

"Com'on Kite, hurry and get Sun!" "And Drift!" HugeClaws added.

"Is that a-- CaveWing?" Arrowhead asked. "No, stop making up stories! There is no such thing!" "Oh, okay." Arrow finished.

Suddenly a ThornWing plummeted and stole Sun. "No!" HugeClaws wailed. He closed his eyes shut and clawed the ThornWing's leg.

It dropped Sun, and the the enemies left.

Part One: Confusion For Arrow

Chapter One: A Forgetful SkyWing

"Isn't she great?" HugeClaws said, sighing.

"Umm... yeah." Arrow said.

"Don't cha' just love 'er?"

"Er... no."

"What?" HugeClaws was suprised. Pathetic! Arrowhead! "Why-y?" he asked.

"Doesn't matta'."

"Okay..." was all HugeClaws could muster. "Oh, well." He flew off. 

When he was in a bush, he spotted Mountain Fury and whispered, "Hello? I need to ask something."

"What?" she spat.

"Uhhh..." I'm delaying! I forgot! Great! Great! All the "great"s were sarcastic.

"Well, spit it out." she said sternly.

"I... uh... just... uh... Well... I... um... well..." Mountain Fury looked a bit annoyed and left. Then HugeClaws remembered. Three Moons! Now I remember! I wanted her to hunt with me! It would've been wonderful! Great...

And now it's up to Arrow.

Chapter Two: The First Death

HugeClaws had spent the night with Arrow. His room was comfy, but covered in rocks. Rocks that would poke at your scales and even poke them off.

Summary: A Dark Lanturn


The wind swirled in a spiral big enough to throw a dragon out of midair.