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Moss Oil Pastel

Moss the RainWing

Moss, at her best

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Moss is a crazy RainWing. She is always making jokes, tricking fellow Dragons, or using her excellent camouflage skills to sneak up and scare unsuspecting passersby. She loves to get out and play, and is always getting herself into trouble.


Always changing colors, Moss is a beautiful dragon. She usually keeps her head sky blue, unless she is creeping up on someone or something else mischievous like that. She has long, sharp talons. She can usually be seen with her faithful sloth, Bob (she can't help but laugh after she says his name).


Moss has the usual RainWing powers, but has a camouflage better than all other RainWings and extreme eyesight. She is able to see things other Dragons can't.

Relationships and Quotes

Moss has no relationships yet…


"As they say in gibberish, dfivwduhfvdiuafhvufhv (translated: Hello there Bob)"

"Surprised to see me?"

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