This is not the canon Morrowseer. I do not claim the canon Morrowseer. Tui. T. Sutherland has the full rights of the canon Morrowseer. Morrowseer the First is the first NightWing ever to wear the name. He was the dragon who started the Scorching, and his daughter spoke the prophecy that ended it in Scorched Lands Book One: Uniting. The Prophecy is referenced to in the other books as well. Morrowseer the First lives in the time of the Scorching. He doen't get along well with dragons outside of his tribe, and doesn't get along well with dragonets at all. Like the canon Morrowseer, he is shown to be in perfect athletic condition despite his age. He dislikes some aspects of his job, such as seeking the subjects of prophecies, because he usually has the bad luck to have to go the farthest out of their way to do it. Nevertheless, he is hardworking, and will do anything to keep his tribe safe. He was assigned to find Wasteland. Though the NightWing/IceWing wars had not yet started, it was still very far from the Night Kingdom, which was called the Islands of Night at the time. He is the leading prophet of the NightWings. He also has a habit of reading other dragons' minds and finishing their sentences.