Author's notes

I just came up with this. So please don't ask. ~~ Silvy Shadow

Whoop whoop Let's get this started....

Morrowseer was in the Rainforest kingdom, bandages wrapped around his legs, wings, and body, major burns were responsible disabled wings. Although NightWing scientists were working on new mechanical wings for him. RainWings helped his burns, but only because Battlewinner declared piles of fruit for them, but most did it for free. His tail flopped over a branch. He was making a trip to the SandWing kingdom to get more cactus juice for SandWing venom.

(1 hour later)

He had made it halfway through, he grabbed a case full of water, and measure how much he drank. You wouldn't out of water in the middle of the desert, of course.

Morrowseer caught something in a glance, it was a snake, wearing a top hat.

Was he hallucinating?

He looked again.

Still there

"Hello there!" The snake said. It smiled with it's fangs visisble

Morrowseer slashed his claws at it.

Steve (the Rattlesnake) dodged it. "Do you need help finding Blister, if so, just go straight ahead, two miles, and you there!"

Was this snake really giving him directions? "Thanks." Morrowseer quickly passed by the snake.

The Rattlesnake slithered on with him, "So, what are you here for.



(After an enjoyably long conversation with Blister.)

Morrowseer was back at the rain kingdom.

With Steve.

Steve had been recruited royal guard.