Author's notes

Ships that I thought would make a hilarous ship fanfiction, just laugh O.K? ~ Shadow

Part one: The morrow and mambas

Morrowseer walked on the stone path, stuck in deep lava, which could kill him, as it almost did earlier that month. As he walked, Morrowseer heard a odd noise, like a dragon hissing. He looked around, squinting to try and find dragons on cliffs. No dragon was in sight. So he just muttered and continued on.

The hissing noise got louder and louder as he walked closer to a stone platform. He jumped unto the platform, to see a black snake laying down on the platform. Morrowseer opened in mouth in awe.

Morrowseer felt a feeling he had never before. Love, that what is was. He felt warm inside and ran over to the snake, which didn't move. The female Black Mamba slithered closer to him. As they met, Morrowseer squealed with happiness.

The Black Mamba made a noise, a happy sounding one indeed. She slithered up Morrwseer's arm. Both of their eyes glimmered with excitement. "Mamba, why didn't I find you before." He said, absolutely lovestruck by the snake.

Battlewinner flew over the island with caution. She landed on the stone platform, where Morrowseer and the snake were. "Morrowseer, I have plans to attack the Ice- are you holding a snake? Why in the name of NightWing royalty would you hold a snake?"

"Because Battlewinner, this is true love. A marriage would be more than great. Can you plan it?" Morrowseer muttered to Battlewinner, all eyes on the Black Mamba.

"Morrowseer, get that thing off of you, it's probably venomous."

"Nope. Do you think gray and white is a good wedding color scheme."

'Oh Morrowseer."


Whirlpool swam through the coral reefs, watching multicolored fiah dart from place to place. A leather sack laid across his back. It was full of scrollls, probably all about the queen, or Anemone. He gave the smile, he was a charming as a eel, a very handsome eel.

Anemone was strapped into her harness, which was attached to Coral. Anemone was silently muttering something bad about her mother. Once Coral glanced at Whirlpool, she darted over to him, almost choking Anemone. "Oh Whirlpool, Anemone is ready for her aquatic lessons." Coral smiled.

"Oh of course, I would do anything for yo-" Whirlpool cut himself off after he looked at a Banded Sea Krait swimming in the water. The water serpent seemed to blend in with the blue coral. Without excusing himself, he quickly swam over to the snake. "Beautiful, simply stunning." Whirlpool said to the snake, which almost looked like it was smiling, and even blushing.

Coral and Anemone gazed at Whirlpool, to surprised for words.

I will update later.

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