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A typical NightWing. Art by Joy Ang.


Moonwalker is a purplish-black NightWing, more purple than others in her tribe. Her eyes are a light gray. She's six years old, and she is sized slightly under average. However, her looks are deceiving; she is very strong. In effect, she started training to become a warrior, though she does not have a love for fighting.


She always keeps calm, no matter what. She carries a somewhat regal air because of this, and though she isn't particularly bossy, her wishes are usually carried out. She places high value on independence, and is angry that her tribe has captured RainWings. After her first visit to the Kingdom of the Sea, she no longer liked living where she did, considering the Kingdom of the Sea much more beautiful.


When she was born, her father, Morrowseer, almost sent her to be a false dragonet of destiny; however, Fatespeaker was chosen in her place. She is very regretful that she was not chosen, as then she would not have to live where she did. Her mother's name was Moonwatcher (deceased). Her family is held high in regard by Queen Battlewinner, whom she admires for her courage and wisdom.


Her best friend is Stingray, whom she visits via a portal. She is also quite good friends with Atomsplitter, although she thinks him to be slightly paranoid.

Though she values the friendships she does have quite highly, she has very few, and tends to keep others at a distance. She resents the idea of becoming overly dependent upon others, even those she holds dear.