I hope you like this character.

Her Life

Moonstone is a pretty but cruel dragon. She likes other people suffering. Moonstone is a hybrid. Her mother was Sunny and her father was an IceWing named Freezebite. When Freezebite died, Sunny took care of Moonstone along with Sunstone. But after a while Moonstone was so cruel to her and Sunstone and others that Sunny had to give her away to the Ice Kingdom. But she escaped and swore to kill Sunstone because without Sunstone, Sunny would not have abandoned her. Moonstone is the main antagonist in The Blazing Sun.


Moonstone is a golden and silver dragon with navy blue eyes and a barbed tail. Moonstone can mix her fire and ice and poison to make a fire that poisons and freezes you while you are burning. Her weakness is that she can easily burn and venom will instantly kill her.


Moonstone is cruel, brutal, and violent. She and Slaughter would have been a perfect match. Because of her ability, she is one of the most powerful dragons alive and this makes her ignorant and very prideful.

Goal In Life

Moonstone's only goal is to torture and kill Sunstone and her friends. That is the only thing that she wants.

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