Moonshine is the heir of the IceWings.


Moonshine. The art is by Kirbydreamlander101.


Moonshine is a great heir. She is known for the hoards of treasure she owns, which mostly contains pearls, silver, and gold. She has never lost any of her treasures, somehow. An unknown reason makes other dragons scared to steal it. She is also drawn (by Kirby) with a red string necklace with a yellowish pearl on the end. The reason of this pearl will be introduced in The Red Mountain. Possible love with Regen! :3


Moonshine's palace is made entirely out of non-foggy ice. One concern about it is the SkyWings. They could breathe fire and melt the palace. An animus dragon was rumored to make it grow out of a giant glacier.


Moonshine is pale, pale gray. She has purple eyes and small extra horns. One of her main horns is crooked. Her tail is not very thin, but she can still whip. Her wings are blue and big.


You may be wondering how she was raised by the Talons in The Red Mountain. But guess what?! She was reincarnated by a spirit. Pretty cool. She remembers all the events in TRM as if it were all a dream.

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