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A Wings of Fire Fanfiction


The night was eerily quiet, as if it were holding its breath for what was to happen next. No crickets chirped, no scavengers yelled, nothing dared disturb the silence, all except for a NightWing by the name of Fatebender.

As Fatebender flew through the sky, the salty air clung to her scales, reminding her of just how far away she was from her "home," and just how deep she was into SeaWing territory. If someone were to catch her now, vulnerable and alone, she would never get to see her dragonet hatch, and her dragonet needed her, now more than ever.

Just a few more minutes. That's all she had left to travel. Fatebender sighed as she pumped her wings, heavy with the weight of thousands of miles of constant bittersweet travel. 

Just a little longer until you can meet your dragonet, just a little longer. Hold on.

Fatebender sailed across the ocean, sticking close to the waves as they cascaded across the shoreline of the small, sandy island that she was quickly approaching. The golden sand glistened in the moonlight, shimmering brighter than an IceWing's scales in broad daylight. There, sheltered underneath a miniature shrub, bordered by one of the few palm trees residing on the island, was her egg, or at least, Fatebender thought it was.

When Fatebender had last seen her precious cargo a few months ago, it had been a fairly large egg with a deep blue, almost black surface and tiny, shimmery ripples of purples and pale greys. Now, the egg had turned a brilliant shade of silver, completed with black and magenta flecks, and was already cracked along the right side.

Although Fatebender knew that her egg would look far more different than a regular NightWing's, seeing who the father was, she had never expected this. As Fatebender landed on the sand, which was warm despite the chilly breeze surrounding them, she clenched her talons into a tight knot. Her egg had hatched already, without her, making her heart seize with excitement, sadness, and joy. She was finally going to be a mother, and a good one, mind you. No matter how deformed her dragonet was, whether she was as dumb and lazy as a RainWing, or clever as Fatebender's own tribe, she would love her baby with all of her heart.

Fatebender slowly reached out a talon, but before she could prod the egg, a rustling noise came from above.

Startled by the noise, Fatebender glanced upwards, but saw nothing except inky blackness. Her heart started to hammer in her chest, she wasn't alone, but who could be on guard at this hour, about forty miles away from the SeaWing Palace. Fatebender prepared for a fight, lashing her tail back and forth, hissing in the darkness. At least she was used to fighting the darkness, but a SeaWing could just as easily pull her into the water and drown her.


Fatebender leaped four feet into the air as a scaly foot met her own. A small, black and jade-green dragonet gazed up at her with glowing violet eyes. Her small neck tilted sideways, studying Fatebender, her mother. 

"Welcome to the world, Jade," Fatebender said, stroking her dragonet's horns with her talons.

What happened next made Fatebender question her sanity. The voice of a tiny dragonet broke out across her mind. "Hello, mother."

Startled for the second time this night, Fatebender gasped. Jade hadn't opened her mouth, yet, Fatebender had heard her. Who else would call her mother?

Yes, mother, I'm the one speaking.

"How?" Fatebender breathed. She gazed up at the moons, which were no longer covered by clouds. Three were full in the sky, shining brightly down upon them.

Fatebender knew that a gift could often be a curse. Give someone the power of prophecy, and they may live in fear of the future. Give a scavenger wings, and they may fly too close to the sun. Give a dragonet the greatest gift of all, powers beyond imagination, and they may think they are meant to rule the world. She had witnessed it before, she had watched some succumb to the darkness, but she watched most triumph over it, but Jade wouldn't, Fatebender sensed, she was different. The way her violet eyes glowed made her uneasy, and although the young dragonet was barely a day old, Fatebender could sense the gears of her mind whirring, planning, sizing up her mother, deciding whether or not she was a friend or a foe, and it petrified her. 

 ==== -::One::- ====  

 Dawnbreaker awoke to the sound of water dripping off of the front opening of the Resting Chambers. Drearily, she half-way opened her sapphire eyes to see if the others were up, but was immediately blinded by the bright light of the outside. She groaned as she nuzzled her snout back into its resting place, propped up against her left foreleg, tucked away from the unknown world. As she closed her eyes once more, hoping to get back some sleep, she tried to drown out the sound, but it was no use. Unlike her fellow companions who could sleep for hours after being aroused, Dawn could not. Once she was up, she was up for the day, even if it meant she was going on an hour of sleep. It didn't make any sense to her, seeing how she was half RainWing. All she was ever told about them is that they were giddy, unprepared for any battle, and lazy, sleeping throughout most of the day.

 Sensing that she would not be able to rejoin her peaceful slumber, Dawn lifted her head up and squinted her eyes, trying to make out the other dragonets. Sure enough, she saw the black outline of Storm zip by, his spikes shimmering in the morning light as he called out to no one. A chilling wave of air passed over her, and Dawn shivered. Even though it had been nearly four years since she had first met him, it still marveled her how he could cast such a chilling presence in such a sunny climate.

The first time she had ever seen Storm, Dawn had immediately thought that he was going to kill her, but that was four years ago, and she was a nervous wreck of a dragonet. But still, his scales radiated the freezing cold of the arctic, and he always looked as if he were about to rip her face off. His dark, navy blue scales were incredibly sharp and glittery in the sun, almost blinding her. He was handsome, however, in a evil, dark and brooding way, if you were into that sort of thing, that is. And at the time, Dawn definitely wasn't.

As Dawnbreaker smiled back the memory, she stood up, stretching out her wings as she yawned. She glanced around the chamber only to find that all the sleeping areas were empty, and a mess. Storm's damp, rocky ledge was scattered with arctic moss, Mika's mossy-leaf enclosure was strewn out all over the place, the mimicked forest floor completely ruined. Pompeii's sandy dune had evacuated it's corner on the far side of the cave wall, threatening to invade Cyclone's mountain perch, which was the only other bed that was clean enough to be considered healthy.

Dawn shook her head. Oh well, why should she care? If they caught some mysterious illness and died, it wouldn't be her fault.

Though it would get pretty boring. Nearly four years in this trash heap with only four other dragonets my age, and it's already starting to become pretty dull. We know all of each other's ideas, fears, secrets- Well, maybe not everyone's secrets, Dawn thought, grinning.

Just as she was about to exit the cave, a young female dragonet swooped inside, panting like she had just flown across all of Phyrria.

"'Morning, Dawn," the dragonet welcomed cheerfully as her turquoise scales glittered in the sunlight.

"Hi, Mika."

Mika grinned, displaying her pearly white teeth. "Are you gonna come flying? Everyone but Cyclone is."

Dawn nodded, not surprised by the news. Cyclone, a SkyWing and MudWing hybrid, didn't regularly participate in activities, unless she was very good at it, or unless it was battle training. Due to her huge, masculine build, and rock-hard scales, Cyclone was the most powerful fighter in their little group of misfits, after Mire, of course.

Dawn shuddered at the thought. Mire was about three times the dragonets age, and about three times more scary. A long mangled scar traveled down from his nose to his chest, casting a pink glow to the MudWing's regularly dark brown color, and he could easily snap one of the dragonets in half with one of his powerful talons.

Less scary, but still menacing, was Apex, a beautiful IceWing with blue-tinted scales. Although she regularly was pretty kind towards the dragonets, during training sessions she could turn as menacing as Blister, or Scarlet, depending on the day. What made everything worse was that Apex was only a few years older than the hybrids, but she was miles ahead of them in all subjects, especially fighting.

The last of their instructors was Divinity, a female RainWing who was banished from the Rainforest Kingdom because she wasn't able to change the color of her scales. Although Divinity didn't talk much, and not much of her backstory was ever learned, Dawn enjoyed her company. The RainWing was different than the others- in a good way. She wasn't lazy or giddy like the rest of her tribe, instead, she quietly carried the weight of the world on her shoulders. Even though she didn't have the gift of camouflage, she could still disappear into the trees as quiet as a mouse, which Dawnbreaker thought was pretty neat.

"Well are you coming?" Mika's voice rang throughout the cave, breaking Dawn from her thoughts.

"Yeah," she answered, "Just a little tired, that's all."

"Well you better stop being tired and wake up, you don't want to crash land while flying again."

"That was one time, and that was only because you and Pompeii kept me up all night!" Dawn let out an exasperated breath.

"Don't blame me," Mika said cheerfully, "It was all Pompeii's idea."

Dawn rolled her eyes, she had a hard time believing that the quiet SandWing/SkyWing would do that. More than likely, Mika dragged the scrawny little dragonet into doing it.

With that, Mika stepped back outside, causing her turquoise scales to glitter in the sunlight. The dragonet spread her kaleidoscope wings, which were now shifting from pink, yellow and orange starbursts to a bright bubbly pink color.

The half SeaWing, half RainWing plunged her talons into the hard earth below her, pushing off with intensity. Dawn studied her friend's feet, watching once more the hybrid's most defying oddity. Like all SeaWings, Mika was born with webbed feet, just not on all four talons. Her front left leg lacked the webbing between her toes, and it looked sparse and bare compared to the others, and Dawn felt sorry for her.

While Dawn ended up looking like a RainWing unable to change her scales, stuck permanently on a black coloring with dark purple under scales, and wings that were an ombre of colors that closely resembled twilight, her favorite time of day, her friends fared far worse than she did. Although Dawn lacked a prehensile tail, curved horns, and the camouflage ability that all RainWings had, at least she could somewhat fit in with that tribe. Pompeii, however, wouldn't be able to pass for a SandWing or a SkyWing, no matter how hard he tried.

Pompeii was a crisp, golden color, with a much darker face and sail along his back. He had a scrawny build, with his front legs being shorter than his back ones, and his wings were hugely disproportional to his body. He also lacked a venomous tail barb, but at least he was the fastest (but not the most agile) flyer Dawn had ever seen.

Dawn stretched her wings and took off, flapping her scrawny wings heavily to get off the ground. Dawnbreaker felt the most at peace up in the sky, watching intently as the world around her whooshed by. She could never imagine what a torture it would have been to be born without wings, and it was probably a good thing. It had happened only twice before, one SkyWing dragonet decades ago, and one puny little SeaWing about two years before Dawn's hatching. She had heard stories before, myths, rumors, but didn't know what to believe, just like everything she heard from the scrolls she had read. Dawn had only been in the Rainforest Kingdom for a year before she was stolen by Apex, and she had experienced hardly anything while living there.

A shaft of cold air whipped by her, and she whipped her head around. Sure enough, a navy-blue blur zipped past her, snorting along the way. Dawn had never been a very speedy flyer compared to Storm and Pompeii, but she was faster than Mika, and about tied with Cyclone.

Dawn watched as Storm circled back towards her and came to a halt in mid air, flapping his strong wings as he hovered next to her. Although the wrong color, he could easily be recognized as an IceWing. He had serrated claws, frost breath, spikes along his neck, and an IceWing build. The only thing besides his color that betrayed him was his tail, which ended in a featherduster of spikes, and although they were sharp, they could easily be shattered. Lucky enough for Storm, they grew back, but very, very slowly. The last one he lost hadn't grown back for about twelve moons.

"Nice day, isn't it?" Storm asked, looking around the small mountain range that they were enclosed in.

"You think this is a nice day?" Dawn snorted, crinkling her snout. "It's freezing, not to mention it's about to rain."

Storm studied the sky, noticing the dark clouds up above him. "You love the rain, Dawn, and anyway, it's not freezing."

"Fine," Dawn agreed, giving up.

They sat in silence for a while, both hovering underneath the clouds, waiting for the rain to cascade down. Both Storm and Dawn loved a good downpour every now and then, especially if there were booming sounds and light flashes in the distance. Pompeii, however, loathed rain, and would vanish at the sight of it.

Suddenly, a dragon lumbered out of the scroll room, this being one of the many caves hidden skillfully in the mountain range. At first, Dawnbreaker thought it was Cyclone, but on closer look, she found that it was Mire. Both Mire and Cyclone shared the same stocky build, complete with orange-brown scales, although Mire's were a bit darker, and more built for protection. Although Cyclone looked almost exactly like an smaller than usual, stockily built SkyWing, with a flat head and powerful tail, Mire still resembled her. They both had deep, dark brown eyes with golden flecks and large pupils, and both shared the same hostile temperament. When Dawn had told the other dragonets about their resemblance, they had just shrugged it off, saying that all MudWings looked the same.


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