Moonchaser is Luster the RainWing's OC, don't steal her. Adopted by Draco


Moonchaser has dark purple scales, and has tiny, tiny, tiny starry scales (like the ones on the wings, but much smaller) all over her body. She has blue under scales and dark purple eyes. She also has an old scar twisting across her left eye in the shape of a crescent moon. She has the branding 777 (identification number) on her left forearm. She is slightly smaller than the average NightWing and wears glasses.


Moonchaser is known for being hypocrite.

While on the feild, she is merciless and enjoys killing. She doesn't mind the loss of a few lives here and there. She has a particular hunting style designed to enstill fear into the heart of the target.

While at home, though, Moonchaser is very personable and friendly. She wears glasses, much to her displeasure, and often makes jokes about them and herself in general. She isn't trusting though, and isn't afraid to betray people.


Moonchaser has all of the normal NightWing abilities, though she has weaker future-reading powers. She is great at using weapons like spears and swords, but prefers her knife, Doradus. She is also very persuasive...




  • Moonchaser has a crush on Monochrome
  • She has never met her older sister, but believes her to be better than Obsidian
  • she actually is very bold and not good at hiding, despite her being an assassin (*she tends to just kill anyone who sees her)
  • Moonchaser resents her father's behavior towards Borealis's treatment (*she was attacked and banished from the kingdom for fortelling a prophecy of the nightwing's power returning to normal)
  • Moonchaser and Monochrome
  • Moonchaser and Monochrome by Tundra
  • Moonchaser and Monochrome by Rime
  • Moonchaser by Tundra

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