Literally no motivation to draw heck me
Creator Day
Artist Honey!!
Main Attribute Tranquility
Elemental Attribute Energy
Theme Animal Fruit Bat
Theme Color Blues
Age 38 years
Gender trans female
Occupation Lyre player
👍 Music, sounds, chords, elegance, stars, dreaming
👎 Bad music, static noises, anything that makes sounds out of tune, figs
Tribe NightWing
Powers and abilities Mindreading, hindsight
music :0
Quote "Music is artwork to the ears."

Please don't steal the coding please!!

Lulu Bounce Lulu belongs to me, Day! Please don't use her without permission!! The picture codes were given permission by Epheme! Thank you so much!!

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Moon's Lullaby is a dragon that is practically made from blue, with kindly blue eyes that radiate wisdom that dragons far past her age would've received. With shining scales, pristine claws and horns, it's hard not to look away, along with shining wings that looked as if the stars and all the nebulae and galaxies were part of her very being.

Despite this, she prefers to hide them with the dusty old cloak, and the flashing fireflies just cast the warm light that hides the beauty, unlike the faint moonlight. Moon's Lullaby dislikes showing off, which is why she hides. She has a little cut on her right ear.

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Sweet, kind, caring. These words always define Moon's Lullaby. Everywhere she goes, she always displays kindness, whether to travelers or to random animals. She's often seen doing kindness. If she sees a fight, she will try to dissolve it with her caring patience. Lulu never resorts to violence and bloodshed. The most she's ever done is raise her voice.

She's patient, gentle, smart, kind, and overall, peaceful. She values peace over anything, along with kindness and patience. Moon's Lullaby never wanted anyone to be hurt in anyway or form. If she did, she'd be terribly upset, as it's the last thing she'd want to do. She lives in a forest in a hut, along the outskirts of Whisper Woods.

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With the ability of mind reading and future seeing, one might think that she'd use these as her advantage in a skirmish. However, she's much too terrified of violence and death that she never uses them for fighting purposes. Although she carries them, she doesn't quite know what to do with them, other than hear someone's preference of music.

As Moon's Lullaby has never been in a fight, she doesn't know how to defend herself or others. This is her disadvantage. Because she's so focused on peace and tranquility, she doesn't know how to fight back to defend herself or others. The only real weapons she has are claws, teeth, and fire. Moon's Lullaby has only used her claws for cutting and chopping food, her teeth for, well, eating, and her fire to start the baking fires. If surprised, she'd probably wave her staff around and hit someone.

Moon's Lullaby is also talented on stringed instruments, the lyre, to be specific. She also enjoys baking, which is a trait she adopted through her mother. Not only that, but her lovely singing voice only adds beauty and passion to her playing.

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  • dragons who know her well have given her the nickname of Lulu

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