Monochrome is Heliosanctus's OC, adopted from Luster the rainwing. Thank you so much c:

Creator Luster the rainwing; adopted by Heliosanctus
Main Attribute Joyous
Elemental Attribute Balanced/Neutral
Theme Animal Black Mamba
Theme Color Gray
Theme Song none
Age 20 years (22.3 human years/18.6 scavenger years)
Gender Male
Occupation none
Tribe RainWing
Goal To be remembered
Residence Night kingdom, then Rain kingdom, it makes more sense in his history
Relatives Mate: Glint

Ex Mate: Moonchasericon
Sons: ICOFACE Ivyicon
Daughter: Tattooicon

Allies Glint, Moonchaser, NightWings, RainWings
Enemies Ouroicon
Likes company, comedy, flying
Dislikes being alone, fire
Powers and abilities Venom, invisibility
Weapons Natural weapons, he acquires a knife when with the NightWings
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Despite Monochrome being a RainWing, he lives up to his name. He purposefully has no color on his scales, the only color on him is his pale green eyes. His scales are all shades from black to white, and they change from day to day, but he always has his frill white.



Monochrome is friendly and humorous. he makes friends easily and the same goes with jokes. He tends to be sarcastic, but is very compassionate. He will fight for what he loves and is unstoppable when angered.



He has all of the normal abilities of a RainWing, but he isn't very good at being sneaky...



He has a weird past...Read it all here!!!

Monochrome was originally a RainWing named Cedar. Cedar was forgotten by his own family, so he sought to have himself killed. he had heard that there was a NightWing in the forest, so he went looking for it. That NightWing turned out to be Moonchaser, his future mate. He found her, well more like she found him, and she didn't kill him, she brought him to the queen of the NightWings, who agreed he could live, if he helped Moonchaser as an assassination partner. Cedar agreed. Moonchaser then said that he needed a new name, for assassination purposes, so he agreed with Monochrome.

Over time, Moonchaser and Monochrome fell in love. On the mission after their wedding, he gets heavily injured. After doing so, he hides in the rainforest again to meet Glint, his new mate. They also fall in love and have two dragonets.

Monochrome lived about a year with his son, Ivy, before he befell an awful accident. He was collecting food for Ivy, when a SeaWing, no one knew his name, jumped out of the tree he was hiding in and killed Monochrome. No one ever saw the SeaWing again, but they believe he was mentally unstable. The other son was Luster, who was taken away from him and thrown into the wilderness for being 'tainted'.



  • Monochrome didn't know, but Moonchaser layed their daughter's egg just after he left Moonchaser.
  • Monochrome had a drastic fear of fire
  • Monochrome was actually not great in school
  • He can also play the flute