A typical RainWing. Art by Joy Ang.


Mist is a happy-go-lucky RainWing. She doesn't realize when she is in danger. She pretty much tries to make everyone her friend. She doesn't act like a 'normal' dragon. She is always very cheerful, (even when she is threatened by death) and her scales are brilliant. They're always very bright, even if she misses sun time. If she misses sun time for a whole week, then she will be VERY grumpy... Yeah, that's what I call grumpy Mist. It doesn't fit her at all! Oh well.

Her story!--

Mist was born, in a bright neon egg. Many RainWings adored her as a hatchling, being brightly colored. Despite her unusual colouring, she's just a normal dragon. Her parents are unknown. She has a best friend, named Mango. He is lazy... Likes to eat, but he's still Mist's friend. She grown up adoring other tribes. She loves their colors and details. She quickly learned how to (almost) perfectly camo as any other tribe. As she grew up, she wanted to travel around Pyrrhia visiting the tribes. She quickly took that back, when she realized how merciless other dragons were. One night, she encountered a NightWing. It was killing another dragon and she will never forget that image. Well, that's pretty much her story. As Mist would say, "Bye! I hope you had a good time reading this! If you didn't... Well I dunno! Again, bye!"

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