Mimosa is a 7 year-old dragonet RainWing.

A typical RainWing. Art by Joy Ang.


Mimosa's egg was found by a lonely NightWing. However, at the young age of one, the dragonet was taken away from her, which resulted in them both crying for help. The poor RainWing was given to Magnificent by the RainWings, since she is stupid, but cruel. Mimosa lived a terrible dragonet life. As a fact, whenever he would try to escape, he was punished. One terrible stormy afternoon, Mimosa tied himself to a treebranch, thinking he could "zipline" away from the queen. However, the rope was too thin, and it snapped. He plummeted unto Magnificent's sloth, Cuddly. Mimosa landed on top of Cuddly. Some said he drowned him, but the sharp river rocks punctured Cuddly's heart, killing him. Mimosa knew Cuddly was Magnificent's favorite sloth. He tried to run away, but the rope had wrapped around him, and his tail was caught underneath a river rock. When Magnificent came, every RainWing flew away, noticing her wrath. Magnificent tried to drown the poor dragonet, but he managed to keep his snout out of water. After a few days, Magnificent finally noticed that he couldn't change scales, he could only keep them orange, and his membrane was a dark navy blue.

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