Nightslayer the Albino NightWing

aka Nightsky

  • I live in The Maw (Little Nightmares much lol)
  • I was born on April 10
  • My occupation is a Team Magma Grunt, a future artist, eating a pile of jelly beans

Hello, welcome to my message wall. Make sure you look out for Adopts and Polls X3 What you can talk to me about!

  • Talk about ships I like (EX: Turtajou, Cleril, Ripnami, Glorybringer, etc.)
  • Listen to me explain why I hate Cooked Sushi
  • Ask for an Art Request!
  • Ask for an Art Trade!
  • Invite me to an RP!
  • Ask me to an RP!
  • Ask about Adopts
  • Talk about my favorite things (EX: dragons, animals, Subway Surfers, Katamari, Team Magma, Pokemon, my Senpai, etc.)
  • Talk about funny things that happened
  • Listen to me explain why I don't do Collabs
  • Or just say hello!

(P.S. I need to know how to animate small things like pixels, so help me)

I am Female, just to let you know before you call me a male

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