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  • I live in THE ABYSS
  • I was born on December 3
  • My occupation is breaking logic
  • I am the person that wanders around aimlessly on this wiki

Hello. Welcome To My Message Wall.

Don't Mind Me.

I'm Just a Random Greeting Message.


Today's season!

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  • The white and pink blossoms fell silently off of the tree, landing softly and quietly, like  small snowflakes, onto the pale white dragoness under the tree. She laughed softly to herself, looking down at the piece of scroll that rested in her talons. She let out a breath of relief, curling her tail in. Peace. Harmony. Bliss. The wonderful music of a world where everything was right. She smiled, and rested her eyes. She laid her head on her front talons.

    Oh three moons.

    I can't take it.

    Her laugh. Her smile. And there's the voice in the back of my head, yelling at me to admit it.

    ​You love her.

    ​I love her.

    ​And I always push it back. Because she's my best friend. And I don't want to ruin it. She's perfection in every color changing scale. She's amazing. If only I could admit that.

    But I don't think she likes girls.

    ​Dazzle, Dazzle...

    ​My Dazzle. 

    If only.

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  • - Reply to all those roleplays I haven't replied to

    - Make that Sandwing OC I adopted from Nightslayer(Modern Futuristic, Cowboy)

    - Make the four Night/Mudwing hybrids siblings


    - Finish art for Nightslayer

    - Make page for Cloud Academy

    - Add Jacaranda to Starshooter's relationship page

    - Finish Memoryseeker's, Alex's, Deathclock's, Kangaroo's, and Bustard's, and Burial's pages

    - Finish Gypsum art for Infinity

    - Add art by Pearl into Deathclock's gallery

    - Put art for Burial from Infinity on to his page when ready

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  • Merry Christmas! Whether or not you celebrate it, I wanted to give you a seasonal gift of appreciation. Know that I support and love you(platonically), and I really hope you have an awesome day. You’re one of my closer friends on here and I wanted to show that by giving you a holiday gift. Stay cool in the new year! :D

    (so sorry for copy-and-paste, but I had to give this to a lot of people and didn’t want to kill my fingers xD)
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  • what if Deathclock got a call/job/request to kill Viri?? That’d probably be so awkward just imagine...

    “Oooh hey who just called you?”

    “Uh, um, no one.”

    “Okay what happened who was it. Don’t DO THIS to ME! You know I hate it when you do that!”

    “It was, uh, an assassination job...”

    “Oh. Who are you going to kill this time?”

    “Well, ermmmm, you....”

    “What the heck. Aren’t you going to refuse it?”



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    • (*audible sigh*)

      (“you fool”)

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  • ^^

    What a great way to get inspiration dude XD In Australia, surprisingly, people don’t speak like that a lot, normally you find those peeps on the countryside, but we all abbreviate everything (or at least a few things)

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  • for some reason looking at your profile pic reminded me that my friend's hair looks like a pineapple. im sorry if im disturbing you.

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  • I'm not good at birthdays and stuff, but I hope you've had a good one! ^^

    I'm slightly ashamed to say I haven't started on Turaco, but I'll get started now.

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