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  • These girlfriends have been screaming at me for so long so im finally succumbing to their wishes

    also maybe SandcatxMai laterrr

    "What the bloody hell is wrong with me?" The pale Icewing muttered to the mirror, after making sure the bathroom door was locked. Emily had just finished screaming at a Nightwing who had tried to flirt with Dazzle. And she didn't know at all why.

    It had created quite the scene, and she knew she embarrassed Dazzle. But why did she do it?

    Because your jealous, a voice inside her head snapped.

    Why would I be jealous? Emily's voice inside her head snapped back.

    'Because you love her. It replied with a sneer.

    Emily closed her eyes, and whispered, "no, I don't. She doesn't like girls, I know it. I don't like girls either."

    Yes, you do. Admit it. Time to come out of the closet.

    Emily's face flushed. She shook her head. "No. I'm going to get out of this bathroom, apologise to Dazzle, apologise to that creep, and everything will go back to normal."

    Yet she couldn't help standing in front of the mirror ten minutes more, pondering how blissful it would be if Dazzle did like her back...

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  • You’ve been tagged for being a super cool friend, an awesome RPer, and for making really interesting characters! You’re really fun to RP with(all those Viriclock prompts.. smh we have too many) and whenever I see a new page by you I’m always curious to check it out. Continue rocking! <3

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    • Kangaroo took the gold bangle with a grin. "Right, than. Breakfast'll be ready soon. Ruby can't cook righ' now, so it'll take longer than usual."

      Believe it or not, Kangaroo was a little disappointed the other Sandwing would to leave. She found her very interesting, a little stubborn and snappy, sure, but Kangaroo liked dragonesses like that.

      But, a deal had been made. Abaya would(probably)leave after breakfast, unless the plan changed for whatever reason.

      "I'll be keeping an eye on ya now, mate."

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    • (Boop?)

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  • - a good developed relationship between Shama and another gal

    - a roleplay involving two parents trying to raise their kids, though their marriage is frowned upon

    - really any ship rp

    Ligia taking on an apprentice

    More to be added

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  • Voy a hablar en español todo el día y nadie puede detenerme huhu

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  • -hugs- I saw the blog post (I’m so late gosh)

    And remember that shipping rp

    It kinda just disappeared off the face of the earth

    (Though I’m a sucky friend for not trying to revive it or check in)

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  • The Shenseeker roleplay!

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