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  • These girlfriends have been screaming at me for so long so im finally succumbing to their wishes

    also maybe SandcatxMai laterrr

    "What the bloody hell is wrong with me?" The pale Icewing muttered to the mirror, after making sure the bathroom door was locked. Emily had just finished screaming at a Nightwing who had tried to flirt with Dazzle. And she didn't know at all why.

    It had created quite the scene, and she knew she embarrassed Dazzle. But why did she do it?

    Because your jealous, a voice inside her head snapped.

    Why would I be jealous? Emily's voice inside her head snapped back.

    'Because you love her. It replied with a sneer.

    Emily closed her eyes, and whispered, "no, I don't. She doesn't like girls, I know it. I don't like girls either."

    Yes, you do. Admit it. Time to come out of the closet.

    Emily's face flushed. She shook her head. "No. I'm going to get out of this bathroom, apologise to Dazzle, apologise to that creep, and everything will go back to normal."

    Yet she couldn't help standing in front of the mirror ten minutes more, pondering how blissful it would be if Dazzle did like her back...

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  • - a good developed relationship between Shama and another gal

    - a roleplay involving two parents trying to raise their kids, though their marriage is frowned upon

    - really any ship rp

    Ligia taking on an apprentice

    More to be added

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  • Voy a hablar en español todo el día y nadie puede detenerme huhu

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  • -hugs- I saw the blog post (I’m so late gosh)

    And remember that shipping rp

    It kinda just disappeared off the face of the earth

    (Though I’m a sucky friend for not trying to revive it or check in)

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  • I’m sorry this is??? so LATE?? I should’ve written this sooner I’m so sorry aaah—

    so I read your blog and I’m so sorry,, that’s really not good I hope everything gets better for you soon <3 if you ever need to vent or talk or something I’m open to listen

    so uh yeah I hope everything gets better for you soon,, I wish you the best of luck <33

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  • The ship catapults roleplay invite at you

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  • You’ve been tagged for being a super cool friend, an awesome RPer, and for making really interesting characters! You’re really fun to RP with(all those Viriclock prompts.. smh we have too many) and whenever I see a new page by you I’m always curious to check it out. Continue rocking! <3

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    • Kangaroo took the gold bangle with a grin. "Right, than. Breakfast'll be ready soon. Ruby can't cook righ' now, so it'll take longer than usual."

      Believe it or not, Kangaroo was a little disappointed the other Sandwing would to leave. She found her very interesting, a little stubborn and snappy, sure, but Kangaroo liked dragonesses like that.

      But, a deal had been made. Abaya would(probably)leave after breakfast, unless the plan changed for whatever reason.

      "I'll be keeping an eye on ya now, mate."

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    • (Boop?)

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  • Viride cracked open her door just a little, wide enough for her to see out into the hall yet still closed enough for anyone to not see her very well. She had just texted Deathclock a few moments earlier to meet her in the main lobby; hopefully he should be heading out any minute now. He might have been taking a little longer to look nice(it was Valentine’s Day, after all, and probably suspected that she was planning something), but she frankly hoped he’d hurry up. He was taking too long.

    Her muscles tensed up when she saw a door open and a DeathWing step out into the hall. Deathclock pushed his cowboy hat up a bit, so he could see, and locked his door behind him. He wore his average tan coat, nothing fancy. Maybe he hadn’t been trying to look nice after all.

    Before the DeathWing could turn towards the stairwell, Viride sprang. She wrapped her arms and wings around him in a hug attack whilst she shouted, “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!”

    The hybrid kissed him quickly on the cheek, then pulled back so she could see his snout, grinning practically ear-to-ear. “I love you, you dork. I got you something!-” Viride let go and ducked back into her room. She came back out holding one of those heart-shaped chocolate boxes and a piece of paper. The chocolate she just threw at Deathclock, hoping that he’d catch it. “Sorry for the cliche-ness of the chocolate; I wasn’t sure what you’d like. But I got this!”

    Viri whipped up the paper for him to see. It was a drawing, though printed off a computer, that appeared to depict herself and Deathclock. “I commissioned some artist online after several of my own failed attempts. You better like it because I spent actual money on it instead of stealing it, like the chocolates.”

    She handed the paper to him, beaming proudly, hoping that he would like the gifts. The hybrid had been at a loss at what to get him, but had been able to pull through after a few nights of brainstorming.


    Abaya walked quickly down the cobbled, twisty, and bustling streets of the Scorpion Den. She had her cactus-green sand scarf around her snout, along with her usual gold piercings and such. Something flat and large was tucked in her satchel, which had been slung around her shoulder.

    She let out a disgruntled hiss at the crowds that stopped her from moving fast, extremely tempted to just fly over them. In fact, that might be the best option- she normally liked to travel the streets but the crowds were just too big today. Besides, while in the air she’d have a better chance of not being robbed or jumped.

    The dragoness jumped into the air, narrowly avoiding getting smacked with someone’s tail. She flew over the mismatched stalls with faded canvas covers and stubby, crumbling buildings, searching for one spot in particular.

    The week before, Abaya had sent her girlfriend, Kangaroo, a letter telling her how she would be unable to come to visit for Valentine’s Day due to work, but would send something in the mail. That was false, all of it(though work had been stressful lately, due to an increase in demand for jewelry), and had only been sent to increase Kangaroo’s surprise when she saw her.

    Upon finding the building she was looking for, Abaya landed and knocked on the door. When it opened, she swept in and hollered “Happy Valentine’s Day!” while simultaneously pulling out a few gifts; a hammered iron necklace with a turquoise stone pendant, a small pot with a few succulents in it, and a canvas painting that detailed two SandWings on it.

    She wrapped a wing around Kangaroo, grinning at her. “For you, my love: a talon-crafted iron chain necklace with a polished, high-quality turquoise pendant; a small succulent pot, to add beauty to your home; and a painting made by the finest artist in the land! It was a steal, really- I met the dragoness while visiting a town in the Sky Kingdom and she sent this to me around a week later, and for only a few coins.”

    Before the other SandWing could answer(Abaya had been talking rather fast), she leaned over and gave her a quick kiss. She pulled back after a few seconds, grin returning. “I hope you like your gifts!”


    (welp, now you know what I was planning! So sorry for the sketchiness of the Viriclock art and the rushed quality of the Abayroo one; I had procrastinated and was unfortunately running out of time)

    (hope you enjoyed your RP-style Valentine’s Day gift though!)

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  • Im just sooo happy that I RP-ed in your BlueMoon Summer Camp (if I remembered thats its name??) RP xD

    Im looking forward to seeing more exciting (and hopefully to be continued on to the very end!) public RP’s from you OwO

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  • When you have so many OCs and you just want to SHIP THEM with ANYONE or establish PLANTONIC RELATONSHIPS and you realize you just want your OCs to NOT FEEL ALONE

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