aka The Pineapple God

  • I live in The SkyWing Kingdom. Well, Sorta.
  • I was born on December 3
  • My occupation is Being socially awkward.
  • I am Female

Hello. Welcome To My Message Wall.

Don't Mind Me.

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Today's season!

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  • My last reply:


    (Copy and paste it, then fix grammatical errors, delete extra comments made by us, add some meat(AKA details, but I like calling it meat haha), maybe add some coding, figure out a title, and we're done!)

    (I made that sound a lot more simple than it actually was...)

    (And yeah xD)

    (Though to be fair they're both terribly awkward)

    (This'll probably be the last reply)

    (I'll copy what I've written and then message you with it on your wall)

    "Do keep in mind that we need to also get your phone and weapon belt when breaking out," Viri replied wearily. "I still have my dagger. I hid it under my wing."


    The IceWing watched as his cellmate murmured something to the wall. Who the heck is he talking to?

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    • "Yeah, we'll have to do it then," Viri nodded. "And be very quiet. And quick."

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    • Deathclock nodded. "Quick. Quiet. I can do that. You seem to have witnessed that, after the order. Well, actually, you didn't really see- Nevermind."

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Wont be back until Monday

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  • Do you want to RP?

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  • So since raising strangers is dead, we should continue the story of Palanti, shiver, frosty, and flicker

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    • (That sounds cool!)

      Palanti nodded. Their mom could get easily flustered, and angry. Orlando only had to deal with her twice a week. shiver had classes with her three times a week.

      "Oh fine. Dad is the same as always, expecting me to know everything about the thing I don't know. That's the point of teaching" she snorted, and had a bit of laughter.

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    • Shiver Storm chuckled. Dad had been getting more bossy during the years. Wasnt really a surprise.

      "Yeah. At least he's alot more calm them mom. Honestly, I could never understand how they became a thing..."

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  • Would you be interested in this?

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  • Hi! Would you like to do a 1-on-1 RP sometime?
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  • Dev chuckled. "Trust me, it felt good compared to what I felt eariler." He squeezed her talons. "Lets go in, then"

    Polarize looked up at him. She nodded. "Alright, and make sure it can't be undone?" She asked, wanting to make sure it would be secure.


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      "Okay. I guess that makes sense..." Tika trailed off. "Yeah. Why is she mad?" She asked.

      "Tika'll be fine. I think she'll be better with Yin to help her." Polarize said, touched Dev's shoulder softly.

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    • (Yousa)

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  • Eh?

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  • I was going to ask you how you got 2,500 edits in a little over three months and then I looked at your profile and...

    You're active a lot, aren't you?

    Anyway, I'm sidewalk. I was browsing around on the wiki and thought I'd say hi. I think you're pretty cool. Are you in any roleplays?

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  • I would prefer to be the girl. I think she should be named Palantiate. maybe I could shorten it to Palanti. She would have a softly toned gray-blue color scales, and light blue markings on the place of seawing phosphors. Her horns would be like a seawings, but she has four instead of two. She has a light blue mane with a dark purple-gray streak.

    I think she would be generally calm, but she disagrees with her parents about keeping secret. Utterly curious and rebellious. 

    What about the male?

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