aka Itchy

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on March 20
  • My occupation is Playing Games
  • I am Female
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  • Nice to meet you, BanderItchy! (bows) I saw your name on the wiki activity and I decided to drop by and give you a non-automatic message. Welcome to the wiki! Feel free to greet everyone on the "nice-to-meet-you" thread. If you'd like to meet someone new, check out the "Break the Borders" thread. ;D

    I hope you've had a wonderful time in the wiki and that everyone was as (or more, I won't discount that!) welcoming to you as this message is. If you ever want any advice on writing or answers to some wikia questions, feel free to hit up my message wall, live chat or ask an admin for answers. I hope we enjoy more of your company and that you enjoy yourself, no matter how long you stay here for. 

    Nice to meet you again and good luck with your OC-making, arting and/or possible RPing! There's a RP notice thread for you to take a look at if you want to find available ones. And, if you'd like to find fellow available artists for possible requests or art trades, check out the Art Requests and Trades Board. If you want to look for any ideas, check out the Inspiration Box! Have a good day and hope you the best on this wiki. c:

    tl;dr: take a look at the Wiki Welcome Directory for any and all help!!

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  • Hello fellow user, I'm KittenQueen15 (call me Kitten or Kitty)!

    I wanted to welcome you to the wiki so...hi!

    I see you've only just started reading WoF, only a year ago I was doing the same! 

    What do you think of WoF so far?

    If you need to know somthing, ask me!


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    • WoF is very good! The characters are greatly detailed, the storyline is awesome AND they have graphic novels! Shows how much other people like it: they make an adaption!

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    • Ikr, WoF is one of my favorite series!

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  • Great avatar! Welcome to the wiki! If you have any questions feel free to ask! 

    So WOF (Wings of Fire) talk coming up, be prepared! 

    Who's your favorite character?

    Least favorite?

    What's your favorite and least favorite tribe?

    What 'Wing are you most like or relatable to? (If this is too personal, you don't have to answer it.)

    I hope you have fun here! We are a pretty friendly group, so i hope you feel welcome here!

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    • Thanks for the welcome!

      Personally, my favourite character is Blaze. Also, Starflight is pretty cool.

      Scarlet. Definitely Scarlet.

      My favourite tribe are the SandWings. They have POSION AND FIRE! What's better then that? I personally don't like IceWings. One of my friends said that if your af the lowest rank, you could be an IceWing slave. Ick.

      I think I'm like Tsunami. Most of the time I'm a bit bossy, but I just want to protect my friends.

      Thanks again for the welcome!

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    • Blaze? That's cool. What makes you like her best? 

      What's your favorite book?

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    • Blaze to me is just very funny. I feel like she'd make the best SandWing queen.

      I've only read the Dragonet Prochecy and The Lost Heir, but if I have to pick one, The Lost Heir is the best.

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    • Out of those two I agree. Have you started book three yet?

      Blaze is very funny! I enjoy reading about her, but I don't htink she'd make a very good queen. I feel like she'd be too loose. She'd not care and most likely her "trusted" advisor would end up runnign the Kingdom, possibly in a way that the citizens wouldn't prefer.

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  • Hello, and welcome to the Wings of Fire Fanon Wiki! I am an admin on this wiki. If you need help with anything, just let one of us know, and we'll do our best to help you out c:

    What You Can Do!

    • Be active and have fun!
    • Check out the various fanfictions and all the amazing art that the excellent members of our Fanon have to offer!
    • Create new Original Characters!
    • Find Roleplays on the Roleplay Notice.
    • Participate in periodic wiki contests!
    Create a Blog Page for all of your fanmade tribe ideas. You may add the category Tribes (Unusable) if you please.
    • Check out the rules!
    • The admins are here to help. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ Page, or ask an admin.

    This message is automatic, but sincere. Feel free to reply to it.

    Happy Flying!

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