Mercy is a black-purple color, with eyes a slightly lighter shade. He's rather small, but he has enough personality to combat his size. He wears a small green anklet on his left foreleg.


Mercy is super easygoing, and loves nothing more than to hang out with his pals, Moonpeircer, Lemon and Blueberry. He never minds living with RainWings, and has even wished he was a RainWing. He loves the rain-forest, and everything in it. He's also pretty smart, but more in an logic kind of way. He likes to think of himself as a "problem solver."


Mercy was hatched on a regular night to Swordweilder and Breezecatcher in the NightWing village. He was kept in a RainWing nursery, however, because his parents worried that he would be pushed around to much with other NightWings.

He was sent to Ocelot Academy when he was four, and found a few familiar faces from around the nursery. He fell into an average place in the class- not too smart, not too dumb, not popular, not unpopular.

One year later, two things happened: Lemon and Blueberry. They were RainWings, sisters. actually, and became fast friends with the little NightWing.