Melancholy is a 7 year-old IceWing.


Melancholy was actually named after his colors, as they're most associated with melancholic depression.

Melancholy has low smoky white scales, not completely white and almost a seashell white. His horns resemble icicles and are a seashell white with a silver sheen to them. Melancholy has flat grey talons that are thinner and slightly more hooked than usual. The spikes on his tail are completely clear and thinner, therefore more easily broken off, although his tail is bone-thin. Melancholy is whip-thin.

His pupil is a pure grey and almost look as if they're underlined with discolored azure. He has a azure-grey sclera that tends to glow. Melancholy carries around a leather bag on his shoulder. The bag holds scrolls about each individual tribe, a rabbit skull that inside carries a bottle of ink and a feather and a bone-carved knife.