Old SBolt

art by Lightningstrike

Maybel is a female SwiftWing that befriends Wind Rider in the fanfiction WoF:The Last Gust. She wishes I give her a page. (Her name is pronounced MAY-bell.)


Maybel is a bright, normally positive SwiftWing that has stripes on her wings. She works on the Swiftwing weather team and has a dragon glass necklace on her neck. She LOVES stunt flying and also arranges acrobatic shows for the Swiftwing holidays. She is 10 years old. Her telekinesis color is light purple.


All the known Swiftwing abilities and she is an amazing flier. She can do backflips and forwards flips and all sorts of acrobatic stuff.


  • "I am on the Swiftwing weather team and Spectacle planner for the queen. I am Maybel."
  • "Eek! A SandWing with too much venom!" -When she sees Loki for the first time
  • "I said I was a spectacle planner."
  • "FOR PYRRHIA!" -in the final battle