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Marine is a 7 year-old GeodeWings. 


Marine is very shy, and would rather be alone than with someone. She is very good with respect, even with the most terrible of dragons. Marine loves jewels of all kinds.


Marine has very light gray scales, almost turning into a white. The gems on her body are a bright marine, hence her name. Marine's eyes are a emerald green.

Marine is actually very small for her tribe. She wears a jewel necklace that has marine gems on it.


Marine was born with a CaveWing for a brother, who died a couple of days after birth. Marine wasn't treated good by her parents, so she discovered a different part of the caverns to escape them. Marine decided to hunt for gems, as all GeodeWings love jewels. She uses only her talons to pick out the beautiful gems. 

The GeodeWing soon made a necklace with the gems and old rope that she still wears.

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