Marigold is Treasurefinderthenightwing's OC. Don't steal. Gallery is glitching, so I'll give credit here: By Enigma.


Marigold is a female SkyWing RainWing hybrid. She hates most RainWings (Including herself, but she keeps it a secret). Like her sister, she can transform into a scavenger, but she hasn't mastered her power. She was given this power by her animus father, in return for keeping his magic a secret.

Due to being a hybrid, she is an outcast in her tribe.

(Note: I usually take away her scavenger powers for RP's.)


Marigold sometimes appears harsh, cold, and unforgiving. This isn't true at all, however. She has a heart of gold on the inside. She tries to look fierce to avoid letting her insecurity come out. She hates RainWings because of an event with her mother.

Marigold tends to hate herself and think of herself as stupid and weak. She is terrified of being judged by other dragons. This is another reason why she acts so different from herself.

She would do anything for the cause of good, but she doesn't announce it.

Sometimes, when things have been going her way, or she's near someone close to her, she may act more like her true self. The more terrible her life gets, the more she'll act different.


When Marigold and her sister, Swoop, were a year old, their mother left them. A few months later, she came back with a gang of RainWings. These RainWings took Swoop with them for a year.

When Swoop came back, she had the exact opposite personality of her past. She appeared talkative and friendly, but Swoop was plotting to kill. Her sister became her rival, and they have hated each other ever since.


Dragon Form

Marigold can shift between orange, red, and yellow. She had the body of a RainWing with SkyWing wings. She likes to stay mostly orange and yellow, but red peeks through sometimes.

She wears black leather collars with gold spikes on them all over her body. She is very muscular. Her horns are very long for her head.

Scavenger Form

Marigold has brown, shoulder-length, curly brown hair. She is very tall. She is a bit pale. She is very muscular in both forms. She still wears her spikes.

Marigold wears clothes made out of fox fur. She carries around a bow and some arrows, but she rarely uses them.


  • She's ambidextrous.
  • Her trivia is a WIP for now.