Maple pride

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Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass... It’s about learning to dance in the rain.
-Vivian Green


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Canon infobox art by The Bestest Wife Ever???? and modern infobox art by a hecking furry.


(Mature + Swear Warning)


I wait in intermission
I remove inhibition

You think your life is tough? You left me to fend for myself and remained as cold and distant as you did on the island. I needed you, my mother, and you weren't there. Do you know how alone and abandoned I felt? I don’t want your apologies, much less your pathetic excuses.

Cause Im hallow
Background Information
Creator Ice
Image Artist The Bestest Wife Ever????
Main Attribute Saltiness
Elemental Attribute Earth/Fire
Theme Animal Fox
Theme Color GoldenRod
MBTI Personality ISTP-A
Character Information
Age 14 (human)

5 (dragon)

Gender Female
Tribes Sand-Mud
Goal To watch the world burn and to be the one to light it aflame.
Residence Possibility
Occupation Writer, Queen of Salt/Negativity
Orientation Gay
Relatives Mist (mother); Hyrax (father, deceased); Cinnamon (cousin); Cactus (cousin); Coyote (cousin); Kultarr (aunt); Caracara (uncle); Cavern (uncle); Mink (uncle, deceased); Silt (aunt); Terracotta (step-father); Russet (half-brother); Titian (half-sister); Peat (half-brother); Mink (half-sister); Khaki (half-brother); Sandstorm (grandfather); Aztec (grandmother); Peru (grandmother); Caiman (grandfather)
Allies Sapphire, Fogdash, Raccoon
Enemies Most of the dragon population
Likes Reading, fruits, writing, warmth, nighttime, the dark, death, chicken, salty quotes, warm weather, science, cute animals, sharp objects, sharp claws, grammar
Dislikes Water, 90% of the dragon population, school, dragons who ask stupid questions, dragons who point out the obvious, chocolate (disgusting), math, being underestimated, bugs, the cold, bullies, incompetent fools, a lack of grammar
Powers and abilities Strong, singing, holding her breath for fifteen minutes
Weaknesses Slight anger problems, trust issues, aggressive/salty a majority of the time, fear of water
Weapons Venomous SandWing barb, fire-breath, claws, and knives (extremely sharp ones).
Love Interests Sapphire
Quote I’m not mean. I'm just brutally honest. My apologies if you can't handle it.
I don’t speak, nobody’s listenin’
It’s not safe to seek the attention


Three-freaking-moons! It’s not that hard! You just pick it up and walk away! What part of that can’t your simplistic mind seem to grasp?!”
-Maple screaming at Raccoon

Everything about Maple’s build looks SandWing. From her golden barbed tail that fades to a rich chestnut near the tip, to her delicate amber ridge. She is athletically built and lean with slightly muscled limbs.

Her long neck leads to a chubby-cheeked face and narrow snout. She stands with the posture of an average dragonet at her age, not too tall but not too short either. The only traits that could make one suspect her MudWing genes are her flat back talons, scales, and wings.

Her odd colouration is another giveaway. The hybrid is composed of dusty yellow scales, a shade similar to maple syrup. Running along her sides are tan underscales, paired with a faded orange underbelly similar to the scenery of a setting sun. Her talons looked to have been dipped in mud, having a dark brown shade, then speckled with grains of tan desert sand, and end in wickedly sharp and pointed claws.

She has grayish-blue irises, which sometimes come off as just gray, depending on the lighting. Her straight-pointed horns are a burnt shade of orange. The top of her wing membranes are a few shades darker than her scales, while the undersides are similar to her tail; fading from a dusty yellow to a chestnut brown.

I won’t sink, I won’t wallow
In this dream that I have borrowed


You know, I’m actually ninety percent certain that in the next few minutes you’re going to somehow manage to tick me off to the point where you’ll no longer have a tongue. In other words: shut up.

Most would call her a cold, heartless husk.

And honestly? Maple can’t really argue with that. It’s the truth, after all. No point in denying it.

Usually, a sharp, cutting remark or rude comment is present on the tip of her tongue. It is the product of her tendency to be brutally honest and alarmingly aggressive, which she has been attempting to work on but has failed to improve. Even so, she speaks such hurtful words and her own opinions with a flare of confidence, as she doesn’t care for the backlash she’s liable to receive. She takes any and all attempts of others trying to insult her in stride. She’s grown too tough of a shell to be really phased, though some still manage to slip through the vulnerable cracks. She’s most dangerous- and unpredictable- when she’s angry or upset, and will lash out at the nearest individual, may it be verbally or physically.

Maple has learned to stay strictly independent and to trust no one. She finds it difficult to rely on others for help or support, after having her heart and mind broken one too many times, and completely shuts down when it’s offered. She becomes quickly suspicious of their true intentions- or if they really care at all- even if it’s someone close to her.

She gets irritated easily by dragons that don’t seem to have the ability to properly use common sense, more so than those who purposely annoy her. It takes all of her inner will power not to shred them to pieces herself- she knows the consequences of doing so aren’t very ideal.

Among close friends, her softer and calmer side begins to show. She’s actually a fun and good-humoured individual to spend time with during these times. Laughing comes much easier to her, as does cracking jokes and biting back offensive retorts. Her usual fractious attitude fades away, as if it had seemingly never existed in the first place.

So don’t lead, I won’t follow
There’s no sense in waiting for tomorrow


Sometimes I wonder why I haven’t resorted to killing you yet.”


Maple knows no proper form of material arts whatsoever, but still makes a formidable opponent with her violent and aggressive nature. She isn't weak when it comes to strength, managing to throw off multiple dragons at once, but isn't incredibly strong either. According to her fellow peers, she is quite agile on her talons.


During her time in school, she would excel in science and language arts, having earned high grades in both subjects. Her other subjects were relatively good, excluding math (which she wishes would just burn up and die). After a few years though, she began to stop caring about trying to maintain good grades and they began to slip. She has been told that she has fairly good writing ability, although she highly doubts it.


As for her tribal abilities, she can hold her breath up to fifteen minutes, a trait not nearly as impressive to other MudWings, but greatly surpasses other tribes nonetheless. From her father's side, she obtained a venomous tail barb and can breathe fire freely without the need to be warm enough beforehand.

’Cause I’m hollow, hollow, hollow, hollow
hollow, hollow, hollow, hollow


“Hi, yes, my history is a touchy subject so I’d prefer if we don’t go there.”

Maple hatched on the fallen, crisp, golden leaves of a maple tree. Her parents, Mist and Hyrax, were overjoyed at her hatching, and showered her with all their love and attention. The family of three lived on the outskirts of the kingdom, tucked away from the prying eyes of other MudWings.

Months after her hatching, her and her parents eventually moved to an island that occupied the Bay of A Thousand Scales. They found a cave near the center of the island and made a decently built home out of it. Maple’s life hadn’t changed much, except she had full access to exploring her home. For hours she would venture about, collecting certain items that fascinated her and storing them in a chest in her sleeping cave.

They were living happy, comfortable lives secluded from the rest of Pyrrhia.

That is, before Hyrax was found dead at the bottom of the ocean.

Heartbroken by this discovery, Mist remained in her quarters for days, only leaving to collect food for Maple and herself. While the MudWing wallowed in her pity, Maple felt neglected and began to silently grow bitter. She tried to avoid her mother as best as she could, choosing to spend her time around the island than at home.

Maple was soon forced to move once again, her mother insisting that she didn’t want her home to be a constant reminder of her late husband. They packed up very few valuables, leaving a majority of their furniture behind, and made their way to Possibility. It was a long three day trip.

When they arrived in Possibility, they were nearly broke, save for the minimal money Mist had managed to scavenge up before their departure. With it, they were able to rent a cave on the outskirts of the city. She was able to obtain a job as a cook within the first few weeks and enrolled Maple into a nearby school.

School life was decent. She was quiet and kept to herself, making a few friends here and there, and became particularly close to a SeaWing that constantly followed her around. She named him “Stalker” for his behaviour. She was devastated when he was pulled out of school to attend the famous Jade Mountain. The hybrid preferred not to make anymore friends after that, deciding that she would take on an introvert-like stature.

Since then her life was relatively peaceful and uncomplicated, until three years later, Mist lost her job due to the recent closing of her restaurant. She scrambled about to get a job, delaying their due rent as long as she could, but at the end of the day, remained unsuccessful.

Despite her mother’s hardest not to show there was anything worry about, Maple was determined to do something to help out.

So, she conjured a scheme to break into the treasury of the Royal Stronghold.

She deemed it an excellent idea, and, after grabbing numerous amounts of cloth bags and a knife she had bought earlier that day in the marketplace, she snuck out under the cover of night.

Maple succeeded, reluctantly killing off a guard and an unsuspecting palace servant. She brought home five bags of treasure later that night.

Her mother was furious with her the next morning. Fuming, the MudWing had walked out on her and didn’t return later that day, or the day after. Unknown to her, she had returned to the MudWing Kingdom to start a new life. Alone and abandoned, Maple developed a deeper hatred towards everyone around her. She dropped out of school, deeming it unnecessary, and used her stolen treasure to provide for herself.

I move in all directions
I don’t need any protection


“I have only one rule that I feel obligated to follow: never depend on anyone.”

Please note that I will only automatically add dragonsonas into Maple's relationships. If you would like an OC added, they must have roleplayed together before so I can something to base their relationship off of.

Maple isn't very fond of her mother, usually complaining internally about her parenting skills. She finds her to be too strict, miserable, and a pain in the neck, and often wishes that she would just shut up. She can't say that she's sad that she left, but deep down, she is well aware that she is

Although she doesn’t remember much from her early childhood with Hyrax, Maple knows that she favoured him over Mist. He would spoil her rotten, despite her mother’s protests, and was a lot more carefree and enthusiastic. However, she blames him for the mess that is her life, as everything fell apart the moment he died.

Maple gets annoyed by Sapphire's overly happy attitude and sometimes regrets not killing her when she had the chance. Although she often gets on her last nerve, Maple treasures her and appreciates her kind and compassionate words. The little hybrid can easily amuse her with her seemingly outragous and nonsense remarks.

coughshe may also have a tiny crush on hercough

An annoying little prick who needs to learn how to shut his mouth. Honestly, she thinks she was doing Pyrrhia a favour when she attempted to kill him.

Now that Maple has gotten to know her better, Maple considers them another acquaintance. She finds her unbelievably funny and is fascinated by her work.

Maple deems them quite the funny character with their actually creative jokes. She doesn’t know them very well, but wishes that she could so in the future.

Maple doesn't know Selena that well, but is interested in learning more about her.

Maple knows almost little to nothing about the hybrid, considering they've never spoke. She can relate to her love of scrolls.

She considers Fogdash a close acquaintance and enjoys spending time with the fellow hybrid. Maple admires her excellent artistic skills.

Maple hasn't spooken directly to the NightWing, but has heard a bit about her from Sapphire. She respects her for her personality and her desire to help Pyrrhia with her powers.

Maple hasn’t spoken much to Islingr, but knows for a fact she enjoys her company.

Maple doesn't have much of an opinion on Saburra. She can understand her inability to stay constantly polite.

Despite the fact their meeting was brief, Maple has an intense hatred for the RainWing, due to the latter trying to force her into something she didn't want.

Maple instantly disliked her the moment they met, and still does for unknown reasons.

Maple doesn't know Blood Moon very well and doesn't have much of an opinion on her, having only spoken to her for a very minimal amount of time. However, she considers her one of her acquaintances.

Maple admires the other hybrid's art and sees no problem with them. She doesn't know them well enough to consider them an acquaintance of hers and looks forward to getting to know her in the future.

Like the two mentioned above, Maple doesn't know much about the IceWing. She likes reading some of her writing, though. She would like to get to know her in the future.

There isn't much Maple can say about Sleet either, considering the very few words she's spoken to her. She would like to get to know her in the future.

Maple has only talked to Hosanna briefly and rarely, those times being only to joke around with one another. She sees a possible acquaintance in the fellow dragoness if they were to converse more, and the two even share some inside jokes (coughnarticough).






And this beast is interjecting
And this soul can’t help but connect it

And I’m ill with all that I know
’Cause it shows what little I know

You’ve injured me enough as it is. Also, why are you so determined to get me to stay? Is it because of your lack of friends? Are you so pathetic and lonely that you need to force other individuals to spend time with you?

Im bad at love,
Character Information
Infobox Artist a certain wonderful nya
Gender Female
Orientation Demiromantic (pending)
Occupation Thief
Tribe Sand/Mud
Goal Absolutely nothing
Residence Foxtail/Anywhere that's convient
Relatives Unknown
Allies Patch, Ocelot, Raccoon, Daybreak, Windswept
Enemies Risk, Simmer, Magic Card
Likes A good fight, her cell phone, hanging out with close friends, warmth, eggs, coding, music, books, reading, writing, cheesecake, the wiki and its community.
Dislikes Her mother, strong sweet scents, stupidity, missing out on a good deal, puns, education, spiders, being social, her annoying laptop, other dragons; chocolate
Powers and abilities SandWing tail barb, throwing knives, hand gun
Weapons Average pocketknife
Love Interests Magic Card, Ocelot (current boyfriend)
Quote "I’m sure I can make a buck or two off of that hat of yours. Give it."


Fashion’s overrated anyway.

Maple’s physical appearance in modern time doesn’t differ greatly from her canon one. She's got the same brown-yellow scales, gray-blue eyes, SandWing tail barb, etc.

As for her clothing and accessories, she wears a silver bracelet on her wrist, gifted to her by a close friend. When getting dressed for the day, she doesn’t care for what she throws on, as long as it is appropriate and comfortable. As a common clothing choice, she favours sweaters (preferably black), even if it’s sweltering hot outside, with a short-sleeved shirt underneath, and jeans.

I want sacred, I want final
And I’m seeking it wherever I go


Do you have a death wish or something? Because I would be fine with slitting your throat right now. Happy, even.


Maple is skilled with the use of a knife, not impressively so, but well enough for her to use one as her primary weapon. She is quick on her talons, matching the speed of a slower than average SkyWing, especially when fueled by anger or determination. Her reflexes are pretty formidable as well, and she can stalk with the same silence and concentration of a cat.


Just like her canon doppelganger, Maple has a venomous barb, but lacks the ability to hold her breath for up to fifteen minutes. Her firebreath is also somewhat weaker, but not to a great extent.

’Cause I’m hollow, hollow, hollow, hollow,
hollow, hollow, hollow, hollow


Long story short, my mother was an awful excuse for a living being and decided to cast me out.


she'll probably be a normal butt

I stay empty, I feel the hunger
So simple when I was younger


Boy, am I good at making enemies.

Please note that I will only automatically add dragonsonas into Maple's relationships. If you would like an OC added, they must have roleplayed together before so I can something to base their relationship off of.

Being Maple’s boyfriend, he is one of the few dragons she holds dear to her heart, despite their rocky beginning. She can actually be kind towards him and tolerates his presence, but doesn't have a problem with threatening him into shutting up like any other dragon she's met.

Maple has a major dislike towards the other SandWing hybrid, usually snapping or shooting a rude retort at her. However, on a few rare occasions they’ve been able to get along with one another and come to a mutual understanding.

Four words: Maple freaking hates her.

Honestly, there needs to be a new word to describe the deep hatred and bitterness she feels towards that horror show. She is oblivious of the supposed feelings Magic has for her, but finds her seemingly lovey-dovey remarks irritating.

At first, Maple was skeptical about the pesky SeaWing, but soon grew to like him over time. She finds his pathetic attempts at joking to be somewhat hilarious. She’ll sometimes join him on some kind of heist, but prefers to stay away from his grand schemes, because unlike him, she doesn’t intend on being hauled away to jail.

Maple thinks Raccoon is a very intriuging and close friend of hers. She enjoys coversing with the other hybrid and finds them to quite hilarious at times. They usually end up having silly, playful arguments whenever they speak. She loves Raccoon very much and can't imagine what it would be like if she hadn't met them.

Maple loves spending time with the peculiar pink NightWing, and considers her to be a positive and outgoing dragon to be around. She is one of her closest friends and Maple is perfectly content to vent her problems to her. She adores her art immensely. Like Raccoon, Maple loves Day very much and can't imagine what her life would be like if she hadn't met her.

Also, according to Day, they are wives, a fact Maple willingly accepts.

Maple respects and relates to the other hybrid for their own saltiness, intimidating influence, and violent nature. She finds them a little overly serious, but has shared some funny moments with them. She doesn't quite know if she would call them a friend, what with her lack of a proper opinion them, but does think of Stormbreak as an acquaintance. She greatly enjoys viewing their art.

Maple finds Riletta to be an odd and crazy, but funny and interesting dragon to talk to. She would very much like to strangle her for annoying her with puns, though.

text here

text here

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I awaken with the thunder
A bold statement to end my slumber

And this feeling has got a window
Till I’m numb, till I am blissful

"Everything about me is classified information. ’Kay? Thanks. Run along now."


  • Two dragons were killed during her heist at the stronghold, a guard and a palace servant
  • In her opinion, chocolate + math can die
  • She despises wearing jewelry
  • She can and likes to sing
  • She hates incredibly strong sweet smells
  • She doesn’t like eating much
  • Oddly enough, she doesn’t swear
  • Her mental age is 68
  • It is common to hear her muttering about everyone just dropping dead
  • She is a master at staring contests
  • She can never keep her talons, wings, or tail still
  • She has the tendency to drift off into space
  • She was just a normal SandWing-MudWing hybrid living in the MudWing Kingdom with both parents during her very first revision
    • She had amber scales and royal blue eyes
  • She tends to remember things for long periods of time and holds grudges for even longer.
Till the sum outweighs the mental
Till the blood of both is my limbo

And I’m hollow, hollow, hollow, hollow
hollow, hollow, hollow, hollow


Please follow the references below when drawing her. A few, small interpetations of your own are always welcomed. Thank you!

Syrup now without 23094832 filters

Images taken moments before criminally actions with layers

Canon and Modern references both drawn awesomely by the greatest of ploobs

And I’m hollow, hollow, hollow, hollow
And I’m hollow, hollow, hollow, hollow

Maple bounce