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Mantus is a large male Seawing, he has a sea green underbelly and horns. his overscales are a deep sea blue. He has tiger orange eyes and ginger photophores


He is very sweet but can be a bit clumsy, he can become dangerous if threatened, but he is sensitive to harsh words

he is persistent in most things that he tries, such as his marriage


he works at the Seawing's Lake Munciple Library as the librarian


His father is a Mudwing named Avalanch. His mother is a Seawing named Catfish ,He also has a girlfriend ,Bete the Seawing.


He is unnatural strength originates from his Mudwing side. He has normal Seawing abilities BUT he was also born with a blood-red-egg sooo...E' ith fire proof.


When he was born,he was rejected,Catfish was upset that she had betrayed her pure-blood D.N.A. .the only thing he could do growing up was watch,finally she shared a mother's love to him.After that he fell in love with the small Seawing, Bete. Finally ,he worked up the courage to ask her out and...IT WORKED!!He thought that was the happiest moment in his life but no!When he asked her to marry him was the best moment in his life,But all of their 25 attempts to marriage was wasted!! either by a giant random squid attack or by the saint being sick.So they are still trying.


He has 1 pet dolphin named 'Momo'.She is a Bottle Nose Dolphin and is a light gray.


The 'Historical Fiction Column 4' in the Seawing's Lake Munciple Library.