Mammoth is an OC by Bogthemudwing.

Mammoth appears in chapter one of Wings of Fire: Parched Scales. At this point, there is not very much information on him. Mammoth is noted to be very calm and collected, and remains so even when Peril kills him. He doesn't seem to take his surroundings into consideration, but he is deaf, and that may or may not be a contributing factor. Mammoth ignores the battle at first, and instead studies the crowd. His reasons for this are unknown. It has been revealed that he came willingly to the Sky Kingdom and offered himself to the arena. His reasons for this are unknown. Vermilion claims that no dragon who fought him seemed to able to touch him, but then Peril did, and he died. But even then, he remained calm, and he accepted his fate.

Mammoth is an IceWing with scales so white, they're blinding to the eyes.