Magpie is a Male SkyWing and one of Luckybird7765's OC's.


Magpie has light red, almost pink scales with white under scales. His wings have slightly yellow tinted scales on the inside. His eyes are orange, with gold flecks around the pupils. His tail tip is a darker red. He possesses a wide variety of jewelry that he had stolen from others, such as heavy necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. He managed to paint gold leaf onto his horns and claws, though the claws tend to chip off often.

With the amount of treasure on his scales, he has a hard time flying, or doing anything really.

Later on, when the war started, he had to hide most of his treasure in exchange for more practical wear. He stole weapons. Armor. Things like that.

After sustaining heavy injuries to his face, he was captured by Replicator and given a new eye, when his old one was deemed unsalvageable. The metal is a light silvery color, and his eye is a bright blue with an almost white center.

His two portal gun colors are Red and Green, as opposed to the normal Blue and Orange. He probably got his claws on one of the co-op testing initiative guns. He didn't know the difference.


Magpie is a kleptomaniac, through and through. He is a skilled thief, and loves anything shiny. Whether it is raindrops, ice, or gold, he will do all in his power to get it all. Magpie doesn't like long answers, preferring to have what he needs to know short and sweet. He also tends to drift off topic, and his train of thought is hard to follow. He is extremely easy for NightWings to sense his thoughts as he doesn't even attempt to hide them.

He covets Rainwing and Icewing scales for their brightness and color, so he tends to get along best with them. He dislikes MudWings, stating that they are too drab for his interest.