A typical Icewing

Masgister is a dragoness who's soul is chained to a suit of armour.


Magister has no flesh and bone body, instead forced to live in a suit of dragon armour.It looks like the armour made by Mastermind for Queen Battlewinner, though less bulky and thick.The armour is a grey colour hidden underneath years of rust.The only spark of life seen in the the bright green in the eye slits,the remainder of Magister's soul.


Magister is full of bitterness and sorrow,remaining out of touch with dragons.Only Frost Fire,an ancient descedant had the bravery to seek her out.Becoming her oldself[A back breaking teacher and professor of many areas.]She tought Frost Fire many things about science,math,history,and magics.Frost became a advanced scholar.As a minor,he earned a "degree" in tactics and battle.Magister made it her personal goal to stop dragons who will gain to much power,seeing as no single being can have ultimate control.While still living in seclusion,she visits her descendants in the IceWing kingdom.While she loves those who seek better things than power,Magister aboslutly dislikes those who want "ultimate" power.She spreads her thinking and teachings,posting a list of 67 articles of her way of thinking in every possible town and city.


Formerly an animus,she knows many things of how magic works.Magister was also a teacher and professor in many subjects,allowing her acess to libaries full of books.She is immortal,never having a mortal body again.The armour has dulled claws and a sharpened blade on her tail.She also armed herself with a rusted short sword.Despite all of the pros and the goal of brining teachings to dragons,she still often lays her head down,refusing to do anything.Removing her helmet eliminates her sight.She can also not fly,but the armour gives her almost infinite indurance.Strengh is limited,the armour sometimes breaking due to extreme stress and weight.Only Frost Fire knows how to piece back the armour,others only know small ideas of how it works.


Her 67 articles are based of off Ulrich Zwingli's 67 articles,a reformer in the Reformation.

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