Maelstrom is a SeaWing made by Electrical-Onyx.


Maelstrom has very dark blue scales and electric blue glowing stripes. She has bright eyes of the same color as her stripes, but darker. She wears silver armbands.


Maelstrom is somewhat emotionally unstable and can be calm one second, and then yelling the next. She has bipolar disorder.


She was born a normal SeaWing dragonet, but it was only years later they found out she had bipolar disorder. The others immediately shunned her, and she got very lonely and almost suicidal for a while. Maelstrom is still learning to stabilize, but she's far from healing.

Her Disorder

Due to her bipolar disorder, Maelstrom switches between mania and depression. Often times when she is in mania, she'll be very peppy and excitable, sometimes even easy to irritate and angry for no reason. She can get depressive, being sad and floppy. Her bipolar disorder is more serious than most.