Madnessgazer is a  NightWing created by Lord.

A typical NightWing. Art by Joy Ang.


Madnessgazer's primary scales are a deep purple, while the secondary scales fade to a light black. She always has a mad look in her eyes which prompted that she be named Madnessgazer, always looking at everything with a psychotic face. Madness is scrawny and thin,giving the appearance of a disease. She covers herself in bandages and linen on her legs, midsection and neck.The only body parts that aren't covered in linen are her claws, head, wings, and tail.


Like her name implies, she is mad and insane. She may go on ranting about how RainWings have their venom, then covering herself in linen until she can't move. Her main rant and speech is about madness, how it is inside every dragon and everyone, that no one is free from it's grip and you should embrace it and feel life at it's fullest.


If you were to read Madnessgazer's mind, you would find a jumble of many things. So trying to do that would be futile in learning anything about her. She has no fighting style, often switching between attack patterns. She has no skill in foretelling the future, but can communicate with other dragons,voluntary or forcefully.. Rarely she turns serious about matters, it being fighting or anything. Madness somehow escapes from her prison, the guards just remember blanking out for a moment then she is gone. So after a few times of escaping, she is allowed to roam free, only to be imprisoned if Madness does anything of harm.


She is based off of Asura from Soul Eater.

Her brothers are Chalkmaker and Chessplayer.