Mach is a female SkyWing and one of Luckybird7765's OCs, adopted by ZodiaDragon.


She has gold scales with red streaks going through them. Her wings are overly large, even for a SkyWing, leading to her having a fast flying talent. Her eyes are a striking yellow. She has a medallion made of platinum with two hawk feathers tied onto it.


Mach's wings and fast flying lead her to believe she is a lot more important than she actually is. She is proud and bold, taking lots of risks. She is rude, and will tend to insult the dragons around her. Her few friends are put through vigorous training and testing of loyalty. Mach herself is unfriendly and only has friends due to her abilities. She tends to show off. Mach never likes to lose, and throws tantrums when she does. 


She was born with deformed, overly large wings. They enabled her to fly extremely fast, out-flying even veteran racers. She uses them to her advantage, raiding small towns for fun and flying away before anyone could catch her.


Thought to be a dragonet with too much fire, she was almost tossed over the mountain. She managed to catch air with her wings, resulting in a safe landing and proving her mother wrong. She was brought back to the palace and was cherished and loved for many years. When she became an adult, she abandoned her parents and went out to explore. Many years later she came back to her birth place and participated in games of speed and skill.

She is in the fanfiction(s)  The Red Mountain


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