Lurking Shadows is a SnakeWings Fanfiction by Stargazer. Enjoy!


SnakeWings have been under attack of their other friends, and betrayal is in the air. As soon as three new, dark, unpleasantly evil SnakeWings take over the SnakeWings with power, a hero must rise...

Thorn and Chain have had enough with the constant arguing in their group of friends. He already lost his most best friend Sparse to Hawthorn and Moss. Another friend, Mace has already been secretly plotting to kill Chain.

Then as Thorn and Chain meet Tiger, Scar, and Snare, they know that one of their friends has been helping the antagonists--Velenka. With that trouble, Thorn and Chain must rid the hopeless SnakeWing world from unstoppable desrutuction.


Sesh slipped through a crack in the rock. The Viper was on the move. He was coming for him. The Viper, named Tiger, would bite the heart right out of Sesh if he found him. Sesh slunk further into the crevice as Tiger neared. Sesh’s mate Vine flew over. “Sesh,” she whispered. “Tiger’s coming. You’ve got to get out of here!” “But Vine, I’m hiding--” It was to late for Vine. The striped  SnakeWing turned  and struck at Vine’s heart. The writhing body became limp and fell many miles deep to the core of Phyrrhia. 

Sesh zipped out of the rock and struck at Tiger.  He turned ferociously and whacked Sesh with his mighty tail. Sesh fell too. The fall never seemed to stop. But Tiger was poisoned... he could die any second. Tiger, though, didn't move. Instead he grinned.

And now, Sesh had to die.

PART ONE: Darkness

Chapter one

Thorn looked about. Darkness. Nothing but darkness. 


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