Lung is a 7 year-old dragon. His tribe is unknown so far because of odd features.


Lung was hatched from a white egg with mint swirls. His egg was left at the Jade Mountains. He cried until a nice orphanage dragon found him. Being a care-taker there, she took him, and raised him with love. When she brought him to the orphanage, no dragonet would talk to him, or even try to make friends. Why? Lung had black scales and wicked looking black markings on him. This was considered creepy by every kid and care-taker there, the nice IceWing care-taker was the only one who loved him. One terrible stormy day at the orphanage, Lung had killed a MudWing dragonet and a SkyWing dragonet after they insulted him and the IceWing, they also tried to set him on fire. Poor Lung was locked up in a lonely room, with only a bed, food, and water.

Lung was forced to live his terrible life in the room most of his young life. No one brought him out, even while dragons were adopting the dragonets. While one of the cruel SeaWing care-takers tried to feed him, he quickly escaped, leaving every part of his old life behind. He ventured for a very long time. However, everyone he met was scared of him, since of his markings, venom, and feather scales that hurt dragons in battle.


Lung is a neutral dragon. He hates most dragons after his young life experience. Lung is also very wise.


Lung has black scales with red spear looking markings. His eyes are mint green. His scales are like a feathered Viper's scales.