WIP made by CopperWingz. Don't copy or steal anything. Editing mistakes may be fixed.

Luminosity is a male flamewing and is a trooper in the Sharp Shooters Squad.


  • Bold fire red
  • Creamy red underbelly
  • Darker red wings on the front side, dark red on the back
  • Green eyes
  • Strong and muscular


  • Realist
  • Dead inside
  • Could kill you in a second
  • Mean to most
  • Doesn't care about your problems that aren't his
  • Easily triggered
  • Once triggered, you will have to wait for 10 million years for him to stop
  • Music calms him


  • Trooper
  • Defender and fighter
  • Collects food with Eternalflight
  • Kills dragons for fun