Lorne is a 7 year-old NightWing. His powers are extremely weak. Lorne can only read dragon daydreams. 


Lorne loves being alone. He is not open to new friends and can be annoyed very easily. Lorne can get sad easily, and will act weird at the mentioning of his past. He dislikes RainWings and MudWings. Lorne is terrible at making new friends, and believes everyone's flaws make them deadly and who they are. Lorne can form grudges easily and will try and plot revenge. He is very in-confident of himself and believes he is bad luck. Lorne is nervous around queens.

With himself, he's not Sunny happy, but he's not very depressed. Lorne is content with himself if he's alone.

Biography (Will be added unto)

Lorn was hatched out of a cloud grey egg, his parents awaiting his arrival for more than three months. His parents were overjoyed by the sight of their new dragonet. Lorne's first words were  "NightWing", and his parents fell in love with him. He went and tried to help his brother's and sister's get out, but they were sadly dead. His parent's were worried Lorne was a sign of bad luck, but shrugged it off. Lorne went to school a few months after. He was very good, but everyone thought he was bad luck after he repeated what the dragonets were daydreaming about. Lorne was sent home after school. His parents grew more worried about their soon. Lorne continued to be "bad luck" for three months until his parent's were done with it.

Lorne's parents dropped him off at the Jade Mountains, trying to get rid of him forever. Lorne thought his parent's would come back for him, but after a week, he lost hope. He found a cold den as it started to rain. Lorne lost trust in most dragons ever since.

Abilities and Disabilities

Lorne can read daydreams and find out what dragons want their future to be through the daydreams. He has slightly hook talons.

Lorne can snap at dragons who are annoying him. He is terrible at making friends. Lorne is almost always depressed, making anyone around him in a depressed mood.


Lorne has sad blue eyes that eerily glow in the dark. He has cloud gray scales with black streaks in them. His talons, horns and underscales are a pure pitch black. The tip of his tail is a deep, almost black, purple. Lorne wears rope around his neck, with a deep black and purple marble gem charm on it. The charm is a star with many points.

Lorne is very skinny and small for his tribe. Some say that he only eats one time a day, although this is surely a false statement.

Lorne has something he'll never tell anyone. A small orange fox plushed he named "Tiny". He got this at the age of 3, and has always kept him. Tiny has different colored patches stitched on to him, a result of wear and tear over the years, Lorne himself patched him up. Tiny has blue button eyes. Lorne loves Tiny and has always kept him because it was given to him by his mother. Tiny was made by a local plush maker in the village Lorne lived in before he was left by his parents.


  • Lorne has a major case of depression.
  • Lorne's favorite food is charred fish and blueberries.
  • Lorne may have a love for taking care of injured animals.
  • Lorne has many flaws.

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