Lori is the Talons of Peace spy in The Seven: The Scavenger Prophecy. She helps raise the Seven and teaches them how to blend in and be sneaky.


Lori parakeets


Lori is a specially trained spy of the Talons of Peace. She has the best disguises and has fun tricking everyone in a different form. She likes to pull pranks on her friends by camouflaging and sneaking up on them. She helps Prisma become a master hider like herself and helps the other Seven be great hiders in the environment. Lori loves eating dragonfruits and often hides them from everyone else.


Lori can camouflage and change her scales in mood, like most Rainwings can. She can also spit venom at a very accurate target.


Lori mostly appears in the same color of the Lori parakeets picture above. She has a basic Rainwing appearance, as well as her mood changing scales.