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This a fan fic by Sunnythesandwingfan23. It is about Sunny's life if she wasn't found for the prophecy, and if she really was abandoned.

Chapter 1 The Brightest Night

12 years into the great war, the brightest night... the egg cracked open, as a new born hatchling poked it's head out of it's egg, with it's eyes closed. The young dragonet shivered. It yawned. It was a windy night. The new hatchling put it's head back into the egg. It was cold. Sand blew into the newly-hatched SandWing's face.

The next morning. After that chilly night, the newly hatched dragonet crawled out off the egg, tripping. It's tail and wings sticking out into the air, and it's limbs sprawled out. It stumbled back up, and sat beside it's egg. It yawned again. If it didn't find food, it would starve. Luckily, and constantly, the dragonet tripped onto a lizard, killing it. The dragonet ate it, almost choking.  It struggled.

The newly hatched dragonet traveled with it's egg shell as it's only protection. It stumbled across a hidden cave. The hatchling was having a lucky streak, considering it was abandoned before it hatched. The egg became it's bed, for a bit. The cave was full of food, because it was abandoned. The dragonst taught itself how to chew. It caught prey, and had everything needed to survive. It had water, food, and shelter. It was missing one needed thing. A loving family.

A week later, the dragonet became to big for the egg. It got some moss and fixed Itself a bed, and slept. It's life continued like this until one day...

Chapter 2 A Wander In the Kingdom of Sand

The 2 year old dragonet wandered out of It's cave. It had nothing to defend itself. Suddenly, the dragonet heard something. She quickly realized it was a SandWing. A full grown SandWing. It approached her. She looked up in awe. The dragon loomed over her. The SandWing looked at the small dragonet. She looked up at him. "Who are you?" She asked. "I'm Sandflash." He said. "Who are you, little one?" He quired. "I... I don't have a name.." she said.

Sandflash's eyes gleamed with understanding.

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