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This page is about Loki, the SandWing man with a escape plan! WINDRIDER2501 PROPERTY.

Description, Abilities, and Extra info

Loki is a pale SandWing with a diamond pattern down his back. As he was born with too much venom, he has a 'split tail' which, halfway down his tail splits and and forms 2 barbs instead of one. He also has venom in his claws and teeth, resulting in him having to practice on dummies. As he has poison in his teeth and talons, they both seem to change between the normal color for any SandWing claws and teeth and black, but it is only the poison flowing through his teeth and talons. He is 8 years old and the smallest dragonet in the third prophecy. He is also an Animus.


A typical SandWing. Art by Joy Ang.


Loki is always up to something mischievous. And I mean always. He was the one who came up with the escape plan in the first fanfic of the third prophecy, and helped Wind Rider make the guardians tell them about their past. It wasn't until Wings of Fire:In the Desert that they found out that he was the rightful heir of Oasis II.This finding resulted in the tease "what now, O great Prince of the SandWings?" From Wind Rider.


  • Loki's original name was either Draco or Harry (if you have read at least 1 book from the Harry Potter series you know why)
  • An original draft of his looks included him with darker scales and 3 barbs
  • He was originally very smart
  • He was originally dyslexic
  • He likes Wind Rider despite the fact that he knows she's dating Nighttime


  • "I'll help you later. More like never..."
  • "So, you think I've done something stupid? You're correct!"
  • "I don't care! I wanna be out of this cursed place..."


All the fanfics in Wings of Fire: The Third prophecy

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