This OC belongs to AvalonCat. He was previously owned by WindRider but due to inactivity, has been claimed by me.  This character is under major revamp.


Loki looks like your average SandWing with sand tan upper scales and faded lowerscales matching his wing membrane and spine. His horns and claws match as well. His eyes are a striking green which gives away is animus powers. His tail barb is dusty black and split in the middle.

Upon is head he wears a golden brow with two horns curving inward ahead of his natural horns that resemble his split barb. He also has a golden chest plate with a long green cape connected to this that hides his wings when folded and drags over his tail. He also has golden gauntlets around his foretalons too.

Loki also has black diamonds trailing down his neck to the tip of his tail. These diamonds are inherited from his unknown mother Blister whom abandoned him with his father.

(Note: the picture is slightly incorrect, his tail is split and ahs two barbs. Loki only has one tail with a split barb.)