This OC belongs to AvalonCat. He was previously owned by WindRider but due to inactivity, has been claimed by me.  This character is under major revamp.


Loki looks like your average SandWing with sand tan upper scales and faded lowerscales matching his wing membrane and spine. His horns and claws match as well. His eyes are a striking green which gives away is animus powers. His tail barb is dusty black and split in the middle.

Upon is head he wears a golden brow band with two horns curving inward ahead of his natural horns that resemble his split barb. He also has a golden chest plate with a long green cape connected to this that hides his wings when folded and drags over his tail. He also has golden gauntlets around his foretalons too.

Loki also has black diamonds trailing down his neck to the tip of his tail. These diamonds are inherited from his unknown mother Blister whom abandoned him with his father.

(Note: the picture is slightly incorrect, his tail is split and ahs two barbs. Loki only has one tail with a split barb.)


Loki loves causing trouble which has put him on many dragon's enemy list. Thor however loves him very much even though Loki hates him and wants to kill him. Loki has is good parts too. He is a strong leader and makes good decisions when it comes to success. He knows how to gain power and status which has lead him to becoming a feared SandWing Outlaw.


Loki was hatched to Blister and his father, however, Blister was so hungry for power that she abandoned hi, with his father. His father soon later died after the SandWing war leaving Loki orphaned at only 3 months. Loki was found by Odin who raised him up with his son Thor. Growing up in the TempestWing family, Thor was coveted by Odin which hurt Loki and caused him to gain attention by getting in trouble. This led to bad habits and when he turned 8, Odin banned Loki from the family. Loki returned to the Sand Kingdom where he became a respected and feared outlaw in the Scorpion Den. He decided to start practicing his animus powers and grew strong in them. To prevent himself from becoming soulless, he placed his powers in a vessel like Darkstalker did. He still lives in the Scorpion Den today but vows his vengeance on Thor.


Thor: Hates him even though Thor loves him back. Is very jealous of him and plans on cursing him someday.

Odin: Respects his father but hates him for liking Thor better than him. Plans on using his animus powers to control Odin.


  • In his future, Loki will curse Thor and take away his powers and ability to fly for 10 years. But when Thor returns, he will crush Loki.
  • While Thor is outcasted, Odin will gravitate toward Loki more and become his new favorite.