Lizard is a male seven year old orphan RainWing and is the main character in Dragons Of The Dreamvisitor. He loves treetop gliding and his suntime.


Lizard has an interesting history. 

He was only two when he overheard his parents talking about him and his sister. They were telling each other how they hated the fact they were married and that they even met. Lizard ran back to his sister, Palm, and related to her everything their parents had said. 

The next morning, both dragons announced a divorce and seperated. Lizard and his sister went to live with their aunt, who married then died of a sudden disease. Her husband turned Lizard and his now five year old sister out of the house. They were found by a nice couple, who took them in but died as well. Lizard now thinks that everywhere he goes to, dragons die so he stays in the streets until he's old enough to fend for himself. 


  • He is mentally immune to any threats concerning his family.
  • He is agile and has a lot of stamina.


  • If something happens to Palm or his friend Tropical, he'll go entirely crazy and he can't contol his feelings.
  • His weak spot is under his chin.
  • He will retaliate to any comments concerning his weaknesses. 


He is calm and collected most of the time. Few have seen the angry side of him, although Lizard hisses occasionally. If he senses danger, he will stop all conversation and his face will turn blank and also he will take some time to clear his mind.