Lithium is a SwiftWing and is Negora's OC adopted from Luster. Don't steal her! :P


Lithium has pale grey scales, almost white. Her eyes are neon blue (if that exsists) and her stripe is the same color. Her mane is a mess. It is a mixture off all kinds of blue and even black. There are stripes of black, dark and light blue, but she doesn't bother dying it all one color. She is small for a SwiftWing, but her wings are a little oversized.


Lithium doesn't like other dragons, she prefers to sit in her cave and write. She is shy around strangers, but outgoing with her friends, failing to make jokes that actually make others laugh. She is usually serious, calm, and content, only rarely showing she like to have fun.


Lithium is a hydrokinetic, and she can fly fast, though her oversized wings can get in the way sometimes. She's just your average SwiftWing.


  • Lithium is a poet, and she did know it. (sorry, bad joke :P)
  • She can play the piano, though she doesn't own one.
  • She tends to write about sad stuff, but one of her friends said that they sound like prophecies. (she is not a hybrid, or a prophet)
  • She angers easily.

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